Chapter 528

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Banished to Another World, Chapter 528: Achievement of self-sacrifice?!

Yuan Zhan grabbed the pouch from Jiu Feng and tied it back to his chest.

Feng bit him several times.

Yuan Zhan has a thick skin. He can bite it at will. If he's a bit more heartless, he can feed Jiu Feng a mouthful of sand at any time.

Yan Mo was about to get out of bed. Halfway down, he suddenly solidified.

His right hand was glowing, and his brain was flashing like a screen.

——Congratulations to the Banished Sc.u.m! Because the Banished Sc.u.m cultivated and saved the most potential stocks of the Hornless-men leader in time, let him avoid the collapse of his soul, and help him to smoothly stimulate the power of five elements turnover, and then attract the star chain that reaches the time limit to complete the task fall, and then get all the energy of the star chain, laying a solid and solid foundation for their future leaders to fight against the common enemies of intelligent creatures of all ethnic groups. In order to reward the Banished Sc.u.m's enthusiasm for the reformation and better transformation, Sc.u.m VALUE-3 million points are hereby awarded.

Mother! It's almost the same as helping the Mer-people solve the problem of childbearing difficulties. It's the first time that The Guide congratulated him.

The guide has also made statistics on his behavior before, but I don't know whether he can't achieve the degree of reward or because he has done too many things. The guide has made stealth data statistics according to his requirements, only when Yan Mo need it it will tell him the latest data.

It's really a long time lost feeling to jump out automatically like today, especially with a huge reward!

What makes Yan Mo even happier is still coming later.

——Because the Banished Sc.u.m, disregarded of the danger facing him, risked his lives to enter into the Soul Sea, at the end of the soul's demise, he should also save his partner's soul and with this he managed to achieve the achievement of "Sacrifice themselves for others". We hereby reward a Transmission portal that can go to anywhere on this planet.

Note 1: the Broken Door of the Bone Sculpting People shall be repaired and improved as the transmission door. The door can adjust the coordinates on the portal according to the coordinates on the map provided by The Guide, so as to achieve the purpose of transmitting to the designated coordinate point. The portal is not limited to any distance within the planet, and the weight is limited to 100000 kg per each transmission. Note: the damage can be repaired. The additional points of Sc.u.m VALUE required for repair will be determined according to the damage condition. Please refer to the operation instructions for details.

Note 2: the Banished Sc.u.m must have deep feelings for the partner, and reached the two important conditions of absolute trust and sincere and spontaneous willingness to die on behalf of the partner. Only in this way can he help the partner to integrate and reshape the Soul Sea with their own wishes in the case of the impact on the Soul Sea and near collapse of the blood ability.

Yan Mo finished reading note 2 and didn't move for half a while.

“Mo?" Yuan Zhan touched him gently.

Yan Mo sat by the bed and looked up. It's complicated to see Yuan Zhan's eyes! If he knew it would be so dangerous to enter Yuan Zhan the South Sea, would he not hesitate as before?

Yan Mo thought: maybe he will, after all, Si Tan told him all the dangers, but he chose to help Yuan Zhan, and The Guide is not fool-able, whether he is sincere or not, the guide probably knows it clearer than him.

“Mo?" Yuan Zhan was fluffed by him and called him again.

"... I have inadvertently cultivated a world leader.” Although it's still a potential stock, just look at the biggest two words to know how much The Guide cares about Yuan Zhan now.

"Ha?" Yuan Zhan didn't understand.

Yan Mo groaned that domestic animal had become the fate of saving the planet. He didn't feel proud of it, but he felt that this man was incomparable!

He came to the world just to raise his son! Now someone even told him that his son's other father will lead the whole planet to fight with aliens in the future. Where can his partner and two children escape from that fight? He's still the best!

Why is it so hard to live a peaceful life?

Yan Mo wiped his face and makes himself normal. “I'm ok. I was just a little dizzy. Now I'm ok."

Yuan Zhan put his worry directly on his face and urged Si Tan to help Yan Mo check it.

Si Tan didn't even put his hand on Yan Mo's forehead. He just glanced and said, "He's OK. He's very good."

Yan Mo doesn't talk about mood. It's really good. Not to mention how timely and helpful The Guide gave him the second reward, but the information given by The Guide also helped him solve many puzzles.

Si Tan is curious about how the two beat the Hu-Lian ghost, and Jiu Feng is also on the side of Jie, shouting to join in the fun.

Yuan Zhan proudly opened his mouth to say something and was kicked by Yan Mo.

Si Tan looked at their small movements and smiled: “I don't know what you two did, but I felt a very powerful energy coming into your body from the outside. Well, it's about after you consumed all the yuan-crystal on the bed."

Yan Mo, "Outside?"

Si Tan pointed to the sky, “From above. I didn't see it, but I could feel it. "

Yan Mo: Star chain? Why am I not happy at all? Is it a good thing that this thing falls down and is absorbed by Yuan Zhan? This means that the protection time of 50000 years has come to an end! In other words, those alien slave owners may find them at any time! This situation is simply too bad to be worse.

“I can say for sure now that you two, or one of you, must be the G.o.d's favorite or the lucky one," Si Tan said with an enigmatic smile

Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng look at Yan Mo.

Yan Mo curled his mouth: "That must not be me. Whoever gets the most benefit is the lucky one. "

Yuan Zhan looked at his home the priest affectionately. “No, I'm not the one who is loved by the G.o.ds. I'm the lucky one who is loved by you. My destiny began to change from the day I met you."

Yan Mo, Si Tan, Jiu Feng, including Wu Guo in the nursery bag were all scratched by Yuan Zhan words.

Considering that Si Tan is also his own person now, and that he will be told sooner or later about the alien invasion, it's better to say it now, so that everyone has a number in mind.

Yan Mo said his a.n.a.lysis and speculation.

"Don't ask me how I know what I'm going to say. My inheritance came from the Ancestor G.o.d. In addition to the inheritance granted to me by the priest, he sometimes tells me something according to my ability and development."

Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng are already familiar with the Ancestor G.o.d. They all put on a serious face. Jiu Feng climbed into Yan Mo's arms and sat down. When listening to the story, Wu Guo also raised his ears.

Si Tan had his guess about the Ancestor G.o.ds in Yan Mo's mouth, and they were all witches. He was much more awed and accepted by the G.o.ds than the Hornless-men, so he listened very carefully.

Seeing this, Yan Mo first said what happened in Yuan Zhan's mind through the main points and what he could say.

After hearing this, Si Tan looked a little envious and jealous?” Blood memory? What do you say about the heritage of ancient G.o.ds? And you have the ancient G.o.d's approval?”

"What? Have you heard of it? Has there ever been a person who has the memory of divine blood before?” Yan Mo asked hurriedly.

Si Tan shook his head and nodded, “I've heard that someone has accepted the memory inheritance of ancient G.o.ds, but it's not clear who got it and how. Until you told me today, I didn't know that the ancient G.o.d memory could be inherited by absorbing the G.o.d blood in the G.o.dblood Stone. I don't know if the G.o.dblood Stone that matches my ability is still there... "

Yan Mo interrupted Si Tan's imagination: “By listening to your voice, this kind of memory inheritance is very valuable?"

Si Tan looked at Yan Mo with a strange eyes. “Is there anything more precious than the inheritance of G.o.d memories? Although you said that the focus of that memory is to let future generations know about the threats, but in addition, that memory also contains everything that the ancient G.o.d saw, heard and experienced, including his ability use method, upgrading method, etc. even if there is some ambiguity, there are many clear ones. Such things are not precious. What else are they? If I'm not a spirit controlling witch, this divine blood memory is not very useful to me, even I can't help it... "

Si Tan didn't finish, but all the living creatures knew that they wanted to rob when they saw good things. It's human nature.

Yan Mo made a bitter face, "Well, it's precious, but I'd rather not see it. Ignorance is sometimes a kind of happiness."

Si Tan doesn't care about him. This is a man who took advantage of others and sold himself. Although alien slave owners are terrible, even if there are no alien slave owners, there are also people like Hu-Lian and King Nier. Since he has memories, their tribes has been living in combat. Since they are all fighting, who are the new fighters? Aliens? What to worry about!

"You haven't said how you killed Hu-Lian."

"Oh, to put it simply, in fact, Hu-Lian was killed by divine blood memory, which has nothing to do with us." Yan Mo said in a half true and half false way: “According to the subtle reminders and hints of the Ancestor G.o.d and his old man, I suspect that the reason why G.o.dblood memory abandoned Hu-Lian, who absorbed him, and turned to Yuan Zhan to entrust his expectation is probably from the following reasons."

Yan Mo describes the following:

First, Yuan Zhan collected four energies from the G.o.dblood Stones, which may trigger or meet the most basic requirement of the ancient G.o.d to entrust Secrets - can he entrust a weak person with such a major global life and death task as dealing with aliens? Although Yuan Zhan hasn't reached the stage of semi G.o.d, which starts at 12th rank, but he has a very solid foundation with four energies of the G.o.dblood Stone. As long as he absorbs them reasonably in the future, he will enter the stage of semi G.o.d sooner or later or even higher.

Second, although Yuan Zhan has reached the basic conditions, he also showed signs of collapse in the South Sea because his own energy is not enough to control the four G.o.dblood Stone, plus the persecution of Hu-Lian. If there was no one to help Yuan Zhan at this time, and Yuan Zhan wouldn't survive, then it's not necessarily to say that his soul can be preserved even if he accepts the memory inheritance of the ancient G.o.d.

Thirdly, Yan Mo came to help Yuan Zhan with his greatest wish and all the energy of his soul. Although he didn't have such a clear conscious of wanting to do it at that time, he did help his little lover in any way, and made his Soul Sea form a small world inside Yuan Zhan soul sea where energy can naturally transform and help the other in that person, and even lead to the star chain that just fell to click on him. He wanted to go to Yuan Zhan and the soul starry sky is the result of that thing.

Fourth, because Yuan Zhan the Soul Sea is stable, it is likely that his Soul Sea has met the requirements of accepting the ancient G.o.d's memory inheritance, so the drop of blood memory naturally gave up on Hu-Lian, who is about to collapse, and chose the more potential Yuan Zhan.

Finally, Yan Mo concluded: “As for why Hu-Lian can't accept it, and Yuan Zhan can accept the huge memory, it's probably because Hu-Lian's Soul Sea is incomplete, or it's not enough to reach the depth and breadth of the ancient G.o.d's heritage memory, while our Da Zhan's Soul Sea, has a small world of its own, and it can fully accommodate the huge ancient G.o.d's memory."

Si Tan slowly closed his open lips and took a deep breath.

Jiu Feng looked at Yan Mo with his eyes shining. “Mo Mo, you're awesome!"

Yuan Zhan nodded hard. If he didn't have his Priest DRen, he would be finished, let alone accept so many benefits. Now he only felt full of energy, as if he could blow a hole in the planet as long as he wanted!

"... The sky transporter and those who are cared for by the sky transporter.” Si Tan whispered low.

Yan Mo squinted. It seems that this statement is very familiar. Someone once seemed to mention to him what kind of the sky transporter and who is it?

Si Tan looked steadily at Yan Mo: “I will follow you in the future, even if you don't breed bloodline for me."

Yuan Zhan: Motherfxcker! Why does that sound so strange? Look at this Si Tan again. How can I find that this man's face under tattoo looks better than him! That face is covered with tattoos and is even more beautiful than his!

By the way, this guy likes to be naked when he does magic. Yuan Zhan recalled his brother's size, compared his body, and quickly determined that the winner was himself, which was more comfortable for him.

Yan Mo didn't think much about it. He welcome Si Tan to be his people. Si Tan's ability is very useful!

Seeing Yan Mo and Si Tan smile relative to the other person, feeling flows between their eyes? An increasingly narrow animal pulled up Yan Mo and reminded him: “It's going to be dawn, I hear a lot of footsteps outside the mountain, let's go out and have a look."

Si Tan closed his eyes and opened them after a while: "There are indeed many people coming."

Jiu Feng volunteered to fly out to check.

At this time, the outside sky has appeared dim light.

When Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan went out, 32 pairs of fiery eyes looked at them together!

Two people's steps stopped at the same time, what is this?

Yan Mo deeply felt that the thirty-two Hornless-people demon warriors looked at their eyes strangely, some were devout, some were awed, some were jealous, and others seemed to be yearning for something.

Yan Mo asked Si Tan with his eyes.

Si Tan shook his head, saying he didn't know what was going on outside. “Perhaps they also detected the landing of the chain?"

Si Tan guessed it right. They not only noticed it, but also saw it with their own eyes!

Although the time for the stars to land was not long, it is enough for everyone to see clearly that all the stars have entered the stone house.

The att.i.tude of the 32 people was so strange that Yan Mo didn't dare to talk to them.

Strangely, no one from the thirty-two people came to disturb them, but Yan Mo found that where they went, the thirty-two people followed them.

Yan Mo's head was full of questions, but now it's not the time to find out. The army of the Horn-people can be seen gathering at the foot of the mountain.

Yan Mo was about to say that they should evacuate quickly, but Si Tan turned around to look at the 32 people who were following him, and suddenly said, “Are you willing to be forced to leave? Are you willing to be enslaved for so many years? So many tribesmen have been killed and so many humiliations have been inflicted on us. Are you willing to let it go?”

Thirty two men became silent.

Yan Mo: Si Tan, what do you want to do now?

Maybe because of the disappearance of Hu-Lian? Maybe because he found the transporter? At this time, the whole person's mental state of Si Tan obviously rose to another level.

The ghost witch who live a long life and keep their appearance young faced all the people and stir up their lips. "Didn't their Horn-people always say that our Horn-people are ignorant and wild and don't know the etiquette? Let's give them a big gift this time and let them feel the etiquette of our Hornless-people. What do you say? In addition, there is something to tell you that just now, Hu-Lian has been wiped out from the body to the soul. You will never have to worry about becoming his food and slaves again."

When they heard that Hu-Lian had completely dissipated, no one was surprised, just as everyone thought that the reason for Hu-Lian's death was of course the two Hornless men.

Of course, they didn't forget to look at the three people more intensely, focusing on Yan Mo. It's not that they didn't think that the vision of falling stars came from Si Tan, but they never heard that Si Tan had such ability. At that time, there were two people in the room with Si Tan. The one who woke up after he fainted, they didn't think about it for the time being. The one who woke up helped them to release the Enslavement Bone and let them completely out of the control of the Horn-people.

For this reason, they prefer to believe that the young Mo DRen created this miracle, and Yan Mo is also the most likely.

"Well, everyone, I don't object to you giving gifts to the Horn-people, but since you want to give gifts, it's better to give a large one completely. Before that, please let us maintain our strength for the time being. Please don't forget that some of your relatives are still in their hands. It's not wise to start a huge fight at this time. It's not too late to fight with the Horn-people, but that will have to be when we save all the people we want to save.” Yan Mo said.

Si Tan looked at him disapprovingly, and they were able to teach the Horn-people army a lesson right now. Even if he is himself, he can kill most of them!

Yuan Zhan's eyes swept over.

Si Tan's heart was filled with awe. This kid made him feel the threat of huge. And before tonight, it was not.

"Great Witch Si Tan, Mo is the only priest of my Jiu Yuan." Yuan Zhan's voice is very low, which ensures that 32 people in the distance will never hear it if they don't listen carefully.

Si Tan understood that the chief was dissatisfied with his act of inciting others? Or dissatisfied with his overpa.s.sing Yan Mo? Maybe he was dissatisfied with Yan Mo's loosing voice in front of the crowd?

Si Tan has been a slave for so many years, and his mind has been honed for a long time. Instead of being angry with Yuan Zhan's warning, he adjusted his mind. He is not the supreme witch of the family, but the guest of the Jiu Yuan or the protector of Yan Mo? And the thirty-two people were all saved by Yan Mo. If he crossed Yan Mo to order the thirty-two people, it would be a bit inappropriate to think about it.

Yan Mo is not dissatisfied with Si Tan, but Si Tan's incitement does cause him a little trouble. Because according to The Guide, after killing King Nier and Hu-Lian, they even retaliated against their attack. If they continue to take revenge on the Horn-people at this time, they are going to be suspected of indiscriminate killing.

And Yan Mo doesn't want to wait for the Horn-people to attack them first and then start again, mainly because it's not worth wasting the fight back here. He wanted to make the most of this chance of revenge!

"Great Witch Si Tan, can you take a step to talk?"

Si Tan has steps and naturally followed him to one side.

Yan Mo raised the shield and whispered to him.

Si Tan's expression didn't change much, but the more he listened, the more excited he became. He didn't ask Yan Mo if he could do it. Since the young man dared to bring it up with him, he was at least half sure.

The thirty-two people stared at the three people in front of them, and their ears were all set up, but the conversation content of the two people could not be heard into their ears at all, even if the hearing was no better.

As for the dark tide between Si Tan and Yuan Zhan, 32 people saw that DRen, the witch, had given up his plan after a few words of persuasion from the young Mo DRen, and they all understood who they should listen to in the future.

Oldman He is very eager. He hasn't seen Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo for two days, and he has something very important to tell them.

There was an emergency message from the Jiu Yuan last night. The Horn-people are gathering their strength to attack the Jiu Yuan! And the remaining forces of Tucheng Earth City have offered to make way for them.

Anxious, worried, scared, uneasy, and under the pressure of huge, the Jiu Yuan people are eagerly looking forward to the return of the chief and the priest!

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