Chapter 610

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“Since you are strong enough to go back to work, does it mean I can also get back to ‘work' tonight?” Long Sijue gaze at her.

 Su Qianxun's small face turned completely red in an instant. Baffled, she thought to herself, ‘Does he ever think of anything other than s*x?'

 In the end, she merely nodded coyly.

 Now that he was in a good mood, Long Sijue kissed her on the forehead and said, “I have arranged to settle the mother dog and her puppies into their new home.”

 Su Qianxun was surprised.

 “Okay. I have to go now. See you in the evening.” Su Qianxun stood up and got out of the car. She nodded to Ye Gu, who had opened the door for him and quickly walked into the building.

 After Rong Yebai got out of his van, he stared at Long Sijue's car and took off his Long Sijue saw him as well. His expression turned grim as he said to the driver, “Drive.”

 Rong Yebai snorted coldly, turned around and strode into the building.

 Su Qianxun was waiting for the elevator. She sensed that someone had come over to stand next to her and took a glance. It was Rong Yebai. George greeted her first. “Good morning, Young Xun'er”

 “Good morning, everyone.” Su Qianxun smiled. She turned and continued to wait for the elevator.

 The sound of high heels clicking against the floor rang out from behind. Zhou Nana walked over. George recalled what happened days ago and wanted to laugh out loud. Two women nearly fought themselves to death over a man. How strange!

 “Good morning, Big Brother Rong.”

 Zhou Nana had already discussed things with her a.s.sistant. Later on, she would pretend to fall and lean onto Rong Yebai. Her a.s.sistant would secretly take pictures of them and send them to the paparazzi. If the public suspected that she and Rong Yebai had a thing, her popularity would skyrocket.

 The moment she finished talking, she immediately let out a yelp and stumbled towards Rong Yebai as planned. Her young a.s.sistant immediately started taking pictures of them in secret. However, just as Zhou Nana was about to fall on Rong Yebai, George dashed over at lightning speed and stood between the two of them.

 Zhou Nana simply fell into George's arms.

 “Miss Zhou, watch out when you walk.” George shoved her away, disgusted.

 Zhou Nana nearly fell down again. Lucky for her, her a.s.sistant grabbed her and helped her regain her balance. The a.s.sistant glanced at the sullen-faced Zhou Nana nervously and lowered her head in fear.

 Su Qianxun did not notice what was happening around her at all. She was reading a joke that Gu Mian sent to her via text. She could not help but laugh out loud. Meanwhile, the elevator door opened.

 Su Qianxun lifted her foot and was about to step into the elevator.

 Zhou Nana thought that Su Qianxun was laughing at her and immediately burst with rage. She shouted, “What are you laughing at? You sl*t is not better off than me! You're merely a disgraced street wh.o.r.e!”

 Su Qianxun's expression instantly darkened. A murderous glint flashed in Rong Yebai's eyes, which were already filled with abhorrence. George, too, was staring at her with an astonished look on his face. He could not believe that this woman was shameless to this extent.

 Su Qianxun wanted to refute immediately. Rong Yebai stopped her. She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked towards him. He stared at Zhou Nana and her a.s.sistant expressionlessly and asked, “Are you coming in or not?”

 Zhou Nana snorted coldly. Her a.s.sistant helped her into the elevator. Rong Yebai dragged Su Qianxun along as he retreated into a corner.

 Su Qianxun withdrew her hands frustratedly. Being shouted at early in the morning made her rather upset. Rong Yebai glanced at her. Just when the elevator door was about to close, he suddenly lifted a foot and kicked Zhou Nana's a*s.

 Rong Yebai kicked Zhou Nana out of the elevator right away. It all happened too abruptly and quickly. The elevator door shut. Zhou Nana tumbled onto the floor and watched the elevator ascend with a puzzled look on her face. In the next instant, she started screaming as loud as she could.

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