Chapter 70 - Side Quest Unlocked

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"Great! Since you're fine now, I will collect all the driving services you owe m...e" Lexi clasped her hands together as an ear to ear smile plastered across her face. However, her sentence slowly faded as another 'ting' sound coming from the system resonated on her ear and showed her status report.

[ Since you've completed 50% of your main initial task, you have unlocked more side quests and perks!

Main Initial Task: 54.6/100 points

Side Quest:

Get a job (0/1)

Gain weight to 140 lbs (0/1)

Bless your lips with a kiss (0/1)

Note: Rewards will await If the host completed this task in seven days. Good luck!

System's Guide Level: 2 (25/50)

Unlocked skills/rewards: None ]

"Woah chu, what an indecisive system. They just probably came up with it to raise the audience impact chu." Churu murmured in dismay seeing the somewhat long stats of the system. She didn't appreciate the word 'none' on her part as she believed she needed a reward. After all, she was grounded from facial mask sessions and she needed more skills to execute her plans in mind.

Lexi skimmed through her side quest and could not her lightly gasped in disbelief. 

'Get a job?! Gain 140lbs in a week?! Are you trying to make me a fatty?! Also, bless my what?!' If only she could yell at the system, she would. However, only Lexi and Churu could see this ridiculous side quest!

Seeing her change of reaction, Ethan tilted his head on the side by Lexi's puzzling thoughts in mind. Yet, somehow, he liked her like this. It was a refres.h.i.+ng sight to behold as she always had her proud front and even when she was relaxed, her facial features are just strong to think that she's a sn.o.b.

Despite being ignored by Lexi's preoccupied thoughts, Ethan indulged himself by valuing this rare dismayed expression of hers as if he would never see this again. Propping his jaw by the back of his hand, a subtle smile formed on the side of his lips as he peered at the beautiful woman peached across him.

After some time, Lexi slowly s.h.i.+fted her head to the smiling man in front of her. Letting out an awkward laugh, her lower lips lightly trembled as all her energy was slowly draining. 

"Ha ha ha, here drive for me." Lexi heedlessly slid her keys to Ethan's direction as she could not move on with the side quest she received just now. This time, she really needed someone to help her divert this horrific quest. 

She doesn't have any problem with the first quest as she is currently getting her money from her parent but the other two? How could the system wanted her to gain weight? Not to mention the third one. Lexi felt like she was having the greatest headache in her life.

Ethan grabbed her keys in confusion, "Ahh, okay? I'll drive you home..." He muttered with his brows raised. Even if Lexi won't ask him, he would insist on driving her home and take a cab from there. After all, she had been doing the driving for the short time they had been 'friends'. Hence, now that he was in a slightly good condition, he would execute the proper duty of a 'friend'.

"No, let's pay first -- drive me somewhere else." Lexi's words spiritless staggered as she lightly shook her head. 

"Okay…" Without a clue what happened to her sudden change of mood, Ethan raised his hand in a thumbs up which Chan saw and nodded in return. Ethan added,

"Bill paid." He meekly smiled indicating that they were clear to leave. Lexi only nodded without a word and slowly stood from her seat and started exiting the premises.

"*sigh* She had been gaining weight ever since I came yet, it seemed she hasn't realized it yet chu." Churu shook her head seeing the traumatized back of Lexi. She flew and sat on Ethan's broad shoulder as she also felt downcasted by her own progress.

Ethan, on the other hand, scratched his temple, completely baffled on Lexi's behavior. Still, he doesn't mind spending more time with her and probably ease her worries; whatever that was. 

"So, your highness, where do you want me to take you?" Ethan turned his head to the front pa.s.senger seat as he inquired after buckling his seat. She saw her heaved a heavy sigh before she responded,

"A quiet and nice place to celebrate and forget -- beers along with it would be nice." She mumbles which made Ethan's brows knit.

"Beers?" He asked in surprise, staring in bewilderment at the woman languid figure on the side. 

"Yes! I stayed abroad and had to live less extravagant than here alright? Now, go on -- I need strong liquors and tons of food to celebrate my first step of moving on." Though she said those excuses, Lexi wasn't planning this turn of events. 

"Woah chu… you are so diligent to gain weight chu." Churu awed despite seeing Lexi's unappeased expression. On the brighter note, this is also a chance for Ethan and Lexi to have a stronger bond.

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