Chapter 96

If you are looking for Chapter 96 you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Published at 3rd of November 2019 01:05:17 PM Chapter 96 Chapter 96: An Underachieving School Hunk and Bully (3)

Translator: asa.s.sinThe phone in Gu Cheng's pocket rings .

He takes it out and turns it on, finding that the Wechat group Union of Underachievers is buzzing with new messages .

Evil Landlord of Cla.s.s 2: Wen Zi (aka mosquito, since the character for mosquito in Chinese sounds the same as Wen in Song Wen's name . ), did the cute transfer student agree to let you copy her homework? Don't forget your friends when you have homework to copy!

Tian Ye-Dreaming of Being a Brain Box: Experience of love? Get away from Tang Zhao!

Mr . Song: Watch it . What do you mean? I've been saving myself for a special someone for 17 years .

Evil Landlord of Cla.s.s 2: Ewwwww .

Gu Cheng: Tang Zhao? Are you talking about that transfer student?

Advertis.e.m.e.ntMr . Song: Eh, Brother Cheng, here you are . Is the air outside fresher than that inside?

Gu Cheng: You can come out and say for yourself .

Mr . Song: I don't think so . I'll tell you what, I'm not as courageous as you are . If Old Kai calls my parents one more time, my mom will kick me out .

“Song Wen!” Old Kai's furious voice pierces the wall and travels out of the cla.s.sroom . Even Gu Cheng, who's standing outside the cla.s.sroom feels his ears hurt by that voice .

One minute later .

Song Wen gets out of the cla.s.sroom depressed, standing beside Gu Cheng .

Gu Cheng glances at him and asks gently: “Is the air outside fresher than that inside?”

Song Wen puts on a long face: “Brother Cheng, I'm dead . My phone has been confiscated . I'll be dead when my mom calls me tonight . ”

Gu Cheng strokes his head, his voice sweet: “Don't be afraid . It's nothing but a beat from both your mom and dad . You can take that since you are used to it . ”

Song Wen says with grief and indignation: “Can't you show me some love of a cla.s.smate?”

Gu Cheng chuckles: “Sorry . No love from me . ”

One cla.s.s quickly .

Ah Zhao stands up, wanting to stretch out when she hears the cla.s.sroom buzzes with talks .

She looks outside the window and finds that a group of girls has surrounded Gu Cheng .

The girls in her cla.s.s are still in their seat so it's obviously girls from other .

Ah Zhao is speechless . The cla.s.s has just ended . Do those girls rush here?

Gu Cheng looks like someone with a good temper at the moment with a lazy smile while telling those girls something .

Song Wen on the other hand has slipped in the cla.s.sroom .

He sees where Ah Zhao is looking at and tell her about Gu Cheng out of the love of a cla.s.smate: "It's Gu Cheng . I see you've noticed him . He's the most handsome guy of our school and the sweetheart out of reach towards numerous senior and junior female schoolmates . "

Ah Zhao nods and agrees: “Gu Cheng is handsome indeed . ”

Isn't he?

Of all those students wearing the same uniforms standing there, no matter who it is, he is bound to see that boy with one glance .

From where Ah Zhao is, she can see the delicate and perfect side of his face, the smile by his lips and how unconcerned he is when looks at everybody .

Though he leans against the wall lazily without a proper manner, he could set the girls' hearts going pit-pat easily .

A sense of crisis suddenly hits Song Wen when he hears that from Ah Zhao .

He won't let a beast like Gu Cheng harm his cute and helpful deskmate even it's only out of love of a cla.s.smate .

“Listen to me, Tang Zhao . Thought Brother Cheng has the look, he's actually a jerk . It's true!”

Looking straight into Ah Zhao's bright and clear eyes, his heart softens and he feels that he has the obligation to protect this bunny rabbit like little girl .

“I grew up with him . He had his first girlfriend when he was in sixth grade and no less than 100 girlfriends since then . ” Song Wen says .

Ah Zhao seems lost in her thought: “No less than 100 girlfriends . . . ”

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