Vol 4 Chapter 32

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Yun Chang POV

Just as I was sitting in my tent in Guandu reading a book, Lu Bu suddenly came barging in. She had neither taken off her coat armour nor had she kept her halberd. I looked at her, and saw that she was panting and looking very excited.

I’d heard a while ago from Wen Yuan that Lu Bu was deployed with Cao Ren but I didn’t think she would be back so soon.

“Lord Lu Bu, what has gotten you so riled up?” I asked as I put down the book in my hands and got up with the intention of getting a bowl of wine for her.

“Lord Guan Yu…” Lord Lu Bu said excitedly between pants, “I saw Xuan De out on the battlefield.”

“Eh?” When I heard what Lu Bu said, my head went blank and I lost strength in my hands. Only when I heard a clear clang did I realise that the bowl in my hands had fallen to the ground. Only after a long while did I recover from my shock.

She saw… Big brother?!

“Lord Lu Bu did you say you saw big brother!” I stepped up close to Lu Bu, “Did you speak with big brother?”

“Un un, I did.” Lu Bu showed a rare smile when she saw how happy I was, “Xuan De is doing well, and is with Yuan Shao now.”

Doing well… Un, it’s good so long as big brother is doing well.

I nodded as I could finally set aside my worries, “Lord Lu Bu, have you notified everyone else yet?!”

“Not yet, I came here first and am about to go tell the others.” Lu Bu said as she took off her thick coat armour, “We finally know where Xuan De is. In a while, I’ll make the preparations to go to Xuchang and get those 2…”

“Gan Qing and Mi Zhen?”

“Right, I’ll bring those 2 along as well.” By this time, she had already taken off her armour and was in light clothing, “At that time, we can all go to where Xuan De is together.”

As she said so, Lu Bu turned to leave.

“Ah, Lord Lu Bu, please stop!” I hurriedly grabbed her arm when I saw she was about to leave.

“Un? What is it?”

After thinking about it calmly, things don’t seem to be so simple.

“Lord Lu Bu… Will Lord Cao Cao let us go so easily?” I said with a troubled look, “Moreover, we’ve killed Yuan Shao’s subordinate generals. If we join them now, it will be difficult to trust us and we will bring a great deal of trouble to big brother.”

After hearing what I said, Lu Bu slapped her forehead in realisation, “Aiya! Zhao Yun said the same thing just now as well… What do we do now~~~”

I heard a surprising name from Lu Bu’s words, “Un? Lord Lu Bu, who was that you just mentioned?”

“Zhao Yun? Zhao Yun seems to have joined Xuan De and is now accompanying Xuan De.” Lu Bu smiled bitterly when she saw my expression, “I know what you want to say.”

Zhao Yun huh… Un, I feel more at ease with her by big brother’s side but in a certain sense, I feel even more uneasy~

Hai, what conflicted feelings.

“Let’s leave that aside for now,” I shook my head and placed the important things ahead of my own feelings for now, “Lord Lu Bu, go and tell Wen Yuan and Hua Tuo first. I’ll deal with the matter of Xuchang.”

“Alright, got it.” Lu Bu agreed but she did not leave and looked at me with a frown, “But… Lord Guan Yu, what are you going to do?”

I walked to the side and put on the green silk robe that Lord Cao Cao gave me before putting on the one from big brother on top. I thought it would be bulky and c.u.mbersome but it was surprisingly comfortable and fitting.

“I’ll go find Lord Cao Cao.” I slowly said, “And hope she will let us go.”

The only way to do this is to ask directly.

Hu… I breathed out as I stood outside Lord Cao Cao’s tent.

There were the 3 requests, and we did achieve much success in battles for them so I should not be so worried.

“Is it Lord Guan Yu who is standing outside?”

Wu! Did she see me?

“… Yes.” I slowly parted the curtains and saw that there were 2 people inside. Lord Cao Cao was sitting behind the table and the other was a girl I had not seen before.

She wore a set of grey robes and her hands were tucked in her sleeves as she quietly stood there. Her hair was long and was not combed neatly. If one drew some motifs on her face, she would look like a deity that descended to earth. Speaking of which, why are her eyes closed? Is she asleep?

“What is the matter today? It’s rare for Lord Guan Yu to be the one to come to me uninvited.” Lord Cao Cao got up and slowly walked over as she said so.

Big brother… I don’t know if it’s out of nervousness but I began calling for big brother in my heart.

Ah, no way about it, all I can do is say it!

“Lord Cao Cao, I’ve come here today to resign from service.” I saluted her and lowered my head as I said so, “I’ve just received news of big brother and am planning to leave for where he is immediately. I beseech Lord Cao Cao to let me go and permit me to return to Xuchang and gather my belongings and other companions before I leave.”

I closed my eyes when I finished, not daring to raise my head and look at Lord Cao Cao. Eventually I opened my eyes but stayed in a bow and looked at Lord Cao Cao’s skirt in front of me.

Should I have said some more? Or perhaps I should have bandied my achievements a bit…

Just as I was frantically thinking about what to do next, Lord Cao Cao gave a single loud clap and spoke out–

“Men, come in!”

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