Volume X Part 22

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Masrur and Zayn al-Mawasif, viii.

Medinah (Al-), The Lovers of, vii.

Merchant of Oman, The, ix.

Merchant and the Robbers, The, ix.

Merchant and the two Sharpers, The, iii.

Merchant's Sister, Ibrahim bin al-Mahdi and the, iv.

Merchant's Wife, The King's son and the, vi.

Merchant's Wife and the Parrot, The, i.

Mercury Ali of Cairo, The Adventures of, vii.

Merman, and Abdullah the Fisherman, Abdullah the, ix.

Miller and his wife, The, v.

Miriam, Ali Nur alDin and, viii.

Miser and Loaves of Bread, The, vi.

Mock Caliph, The, iv.

Mohammed al-Amin and Ja'afar bin al-Had), v.

Mohammed bin Sabaik and the Merchant Hasan, King, vii.

Money changer, The Thief and the, iv.

Monkey, The Thief and his, iii.

Moslem Champion and the Christian Lady, The, v.

Mouse, The, and the Cat, ix.

Mouse and the Flea, The, iii.

Mouse and the Ichneumon, The, iii.

Munnis, Ali bin Tahir and the girl, v.

Musab bin al-Zubayr and Ayishah his wife, v.

Muslim bin al-Walid and Dibil al-Khuzai, v.

Mutawakkil (Al-) and Al-Fath bin Khakan, v.

Mutawakkil and his favourite Mahbubah, iv.

Mutalammis (Al-) and his wife Umaymah, v.

Naomi, Ni'amah bin al-Rabi'a and his Slave-girl; iv.

Nazarene Broker's Story, The, i.

Necklace, The Stolen, vi.

n.i.g.g.ard and the Loaves of Bread, The, vi.

Night of Power, The man who saw the, vi.

Nile (The Ferryman of the ) and the Hermit, v.

Ni'amah bin al-Rabi'a and Naomi his Slave-girl, iv.

Nur al-Din Ali and the damsel Anis al-Jalis, ii.

Nur al-Din of Cairo and his son Badr al-Din Hasan, i.

Ogress, The King's Son and the, vi.

Old Man's Story, The First, i.

Old Man's Story The Second, i.

Old Man's Story The Third, i.

Old Woman, Abu Suwayd and the handsome, v.

Omar bin al-Nu'uman and his Sons Sharrkan and Zau al-Makan, The Tale of King, ii.

Omar bin al-Khattab and the young Badawi, v.

Oman, The Merchant of, ix.

Otbah and Rayya, vii.

Page who feigned to know the speech of birds, The, vi.

Paradise, The Apples of, v.

Parrot, The Merchant's wife and the, i.

Partridge, The Hawk and the, iii.

Peac.o.c.k, The Sparrow and the, iii.

Persian and the Kurd Sharper, Ali the, iv.

Physician Duban, The, i.

Physician's Story, The Jewish, i.

Pilgrim and the old woman who dwelt in the desert, The, v.

Pilgrim Prince, The Unjust King and the, ix.

Pious black slave, The, v.

Pigeons, The Hedgehog and the, iii.

Pigeons, The Two, vi.

Platter-maker and his wife, The devout, v.

Poets, Harun al-Rashid and the three, v.

Police of Bulak, Story of the Chief of the, iv.

Police of Kus and the Sharper, the Chief of the, iv.

Police of New Cairo, Story of the Chief of the, iv.

Police of Old Cairo, Story of the Chief of the, iv.

Police (The Three Masters of ), Al-Malik, al-Nasir and, iv.

Poor man and his &friend in need, The, iv.

Porter and the Three Ladies of Baghdad, The, i.

Portress, The Tale of the, i.

Prince Behram and the Princess al-Datma, vi.

Prince the Ensorcelled, i.

Prince and the Ghulah, The, i.

Prince, The Devout, v.

Prince (the Pilgrim), The Unjust King and, ix.

Prior who became a Moslem, The, v.

Providence, The justice of, v.

Purse, The Stolen, vi.

Pyramids of Egypt, Al-Maamun and the, v.

Queen of the Serpents, The, v.

Rake's trick against the chaste Wife, The, vi.

Rayya, Otbah and, vii.

Reeve's Tale, The, i.

Rogueries of Dalilah the Crafty and her daughter Zaynab the Coney catcher, The, vii.

Rose-in-Hood, Uns al-Wujud and the Wazir's Daughter, v.

Ruined Man of Baghdad and his Slave-girl, The, ix.

Ruined Man who became rich again through a dream, The, iv.

Rukh, Abd al-Rahman the Moor's Story of the, v.

Sa'id bin Salim and the Barmecides, v.

Saint to whom Allah gave a cloud to serve him, The, v.

Saker and the Birds, The, iii.

Sandalwood Merchant and the Sharpers, The, vi.

Sayf al-Muluk and Badi'a al-Jamal, vii.

School, The Loves of the Boy and the Girl at, v.

Schoolmaster who fell in love by report, The, v.

Schoolmaster The Foolish, v.

Schoolmaster The ignorant man who set up for a, v.

Serpent, The Crow and the, ix.

Serpent-charmer and his Wife, ix.

Serpents, The Queen of the, v.

s.e.xes, Relative excellence of the, v.

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