102 Taken

If you are looking for 102 Taken you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . It was nearing dawn when Yunan and Fortuna stopped their playing and headed back to the hotel where they left Debauchery, holding hands and wide smiles on boths their faces.

On the way Fortuna made some small talk with Yunan. " How do you know there is someone waiting for you?", Yunan answered as id it was a matter of fact "those useless adults I stay around are never that drunk unless almost bored to death and I have only seen them that bored once after spending almost a year doing nothing but watch us closely, so them getting this drunk is just wrong, the only option is interference"

"You don't have to go back, if you want you can follow me, there will never be danger to you again", Fortuna dangled the irresistible offer to test Yunan but he just rejected her, a bit too fast too " sorry about that honey, but , since i was in the same room as them I can not let them be taken without me, I am lucky to have them with me as much as they are to have me, so I can only apologise and promise to find you again, however, if you feel bored and want to play, its more fun with all of them around"

When Yunan and Fortuna stopped walking under the balcony, she kissed Yunan's forehead and a silver light imprinted itself on his forehead from her lips, a wisp of that silver light dissolved into the metallic dragon hanging on Yunan's neck, covering the bead of the spirit heart. Fortuna then hugged Yunan and left him some words "you and the little one are the same, feed him the bead before it dies. Come find me when you are strong enough to steal me, i will be waiting"

Her last words were whispered softly in the most attractive and mesmerising voice Yunan ever heard, not even the playful tone of Leader could prepare him for it. After realising Fortuna had already left, Yunan became certain he was an adult from then onwards.

After standing in the same spot for a moment a message sounded in his mind, it woke up Yunan who jumped back up and was happy to see the jumbled ma.s.s of flesh was still breathing, he made himself comfortable by hugging Reina's tails and went to sleep, knowing full well he will wake up later on under some kind of threat, but he still could let his guard down, there was nothing dangerous in whatever was going to happen next.

The next time Yunan woke up he was in a dark room sharing a bed with Reina and Lili. a bit of searching showed Leol was sleeping on the ground safe and sound. Drogon was still looking metallic around the spirit heart, both hanging seamlessly around his neck.

Yunan helped Leol into the bed and went back to sleep while holding the two girls tightly. His last thought was 'hopefully they won't scream when they wake up'. When he woke up next time, both girls were shivering and latching to him as best they could. Lili was hugging his arm, he had already lost feeling in it while Reina had literally wrapped herself on any part of him she could find.

Reina had her arms around Yunan's other arm, her legs locked themselves around his waist and her tails were criss crossed around his leg, while Leol was pretending to be still sleeping. There was a man in a scary mask and a robe that hid his shape and size, Yunan did not spare the man another look, but cared for his friends first, he entangled himself from them and brought them closer to his chest were they huddled like scared kittens.

"You will suffer if you have done anything to them, mister kidnapper, i promise your death will be slow and agonizing, and you will beg for the sweet release of death." Yunan was not making a threat he was stating a fact, and that made the man watching them shiver visibly even in his shapeless robe, he felt like there was something sharp pointed at his neck, his mind was telling him he was the one who had the upper hand, but his instinct was ringing all the sirens of danger he had cultivated in his life.

"No need to be aggressive little friend, we only brought you here to motivate some people that fear nothing, but you kids are their weakness, i was only scaring the little feisty girls a little bit, not that we would act on such things" the soft speech of the man told Yunan all he needed to know, the man was a self preserving coward and he brought them here to make Debauchery act on something, probably killing the hearts, but who ever they were, they made a very bad mistake.

"Mind manipulation does not work on me" Yunan made the man take a step back "go tell your friends we are ready to meet Debauchery and make sure Bai is there because i need to punch him" with that he gestured with his hands to send the man away.

The man almost stumbled his way out of the door and did not even close it, Yunan applied a very minor heal, the first spell he learned under the constant tutelage of the dwarves. The spell was recorded in their books as a training spell for the children newly introduced to mana, the healing circle was very simple to create with the level of mana sensitivity provided by the spirit heart.

The reason why Yunan was not affected by the sleeping spell cast on Debauchery, or the mind manipulation the man cast on him, was the Black Fate, it fed on Yunan's mana and stored it to defend against such attacks that may threaten his life. The reason Black Fate never acted when Yunan was training or during the dangerous hunts they performed, because Yunan was not in immediate danger, unlike in the last two cases. As the Black Fate has been absorbing mana for years, it helped Yunan get a sense of mana and also upgraded the way communication was possible, it now had the ability to project sound or imagery into the minds of those who accept it.

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