227 Jaded Dragon Sec

If you are looking for 227 Jaded Dragon Sec you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . It took a few days for the Li Chen Bao and Ah Chun to finally reach Wind City. They were currently standing outside the gates where there were many young boys and girls from ten to eighteen years of age waiting at the entrance of the city. Ah Chun was curious as to what was going on so she tapped a young man around fifteen years of age on the arm. "Excuse me what is going on? Why are so many young people coming here?"   

The young man turned to look at the where the fairy like voice that had entered his ears came from. He was shocked to see a little lizard girl standing next to him. with a black furry ball on top of her head. It took him a second to recompose himself as he smiled and said: "You must not have heard. The Jaded Dragon Sect from the Primordial Lands is hosting a recruitment drive. They do this every ten years or so here in the Dragon Empire to see if there are any young talents worth training."

"I see… Does one need to have already started on the path of cultivation to join?" Ah Chun asked as she snuck a peek at Li Chen Bao.

"No. From what I was told they will accept anyone as long as they have decent spiritual roots." The young man answered.

"That's great to know thanks for the information." Ah Chun cupped her hands and bowed. 

"No problem. My name's Yi Chen what's yours?" 

"Ah Chun and this here is my sister Ah Bao." Ah Chun answered. Ah Chun and Li Chen Bao had decided to change her name to Ah Bao so the person who wanted to buy her from her father would not be able to find her. They had decided to act as sisters during their travel to ward off any suspicions just in case since Wind City was very close to the town that that man resided in.

"It's nice to meet the both of you. You two should give the test a try as well. It might be worth it to start on the path of cultivation." The young man smiled as he said this. His eyes kept sneaking peeks at Li Chen Bao. 

Ah Chun wanted to laugh at this young man's antics. It seemed he had fallen for Li Chen Bao at first sight. Ah Chun had to admit Li Chen Bao was very pretty. "We will do that. Big sister..." Ah Chun pulled Li Chen Bao down to her height and whispered into her ear. "This Yi Chen seems to have taken a liking to you. So you should take the test to the sect along with me. I am sure he will be willing to protect you within the sect if the two of you get in. Plus when you are in the sect no one from the outside will dare touch you." 

Hearing Ah Chun's words caused Li Chen Bao to blush. But she nodded her head and whispered: "I will follow what little Chun says. Hopefully, I can get in. I am really nervous about being on my own." Li Chen Bao said truthfully. 

Ah Chun could see where her fears were coming from. She had been in a small village all her life and was locked up in her house for most of it. Not allowed to do or learn anything. Ah Chun could only hope she would be able to get in. If not she would be left to her own devices. Ah Chun felt bad about leaving her on her own but she had goals that she had no choice but to work towards. If Li Chen Bao can get into this sect then that would be the best outcome.

Ah Chun went silent as she thought for a minute. "I will try to figure out something for you if you do not pa.s.s. I can not promise anything spectacular but I will at least try." 

"Little Chun no matter what I will always be in your debt. So no matter what happens from here on out, do not worry. I know you have other plans and can not stay with me." Li Chen Bao had a smile on her face as she said this but her eyes had a hint of loneliness.

Ah Chun sighed. She looked at Li Chen Bao and felt a little bad. She had grown a bond with her over the past few days. They had been truly treating each other like sisters. "If I pa.s.s and you do not pa.s.s, I will see if I can bring you along as a servant… If it is allowed." Li Chen Bao lowered her head and nodded. She did not want to keep her hopes up so she did not want to take Ah Chun's words to heart. 

Yi Chen who was watching the interaction of the two from the side felt something was a little off. It almost seemed as if the roles between the two were reversed and the little lizard girl was the older sister while the other was the younger one. Only if Yi Chen knew that Ah Chun was well over ten thousand years old mentally.

"So are the two of you going to test your luck?" Yi Chen finally asked as it seemed the two girls had finished talking.

"Un… We will test our luck. We were just discussing what to do if only one of us pa.s.sed. Do you happen to know if the Jaded Dragon Sect allows servants?" Ah Chun asked. She had no clue how the sects in the Mortal Realm worked since she went straight to the Heavenly realm at such a young age in her past life. and only spent a short while at the Heavenly Sword Sect.

"I am not sure about this… You can only ask. I think they might make special considerations if you have a high apt.i.tude." Yi Chen scratched his head he really did not know the answer to Ah Chun's question.

"I guess all we can do is try." 

The line moved quickly as for the thousands of youths that were here to try their luck either had smiles on their faces or were leaving with gloom hanging over their heads. Those that pa.s.sed would always be happy while those who failed would always feel dejected.


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