239 Separated

If you are looking for 239 Separated you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Hajime glanced around as he and Kaori gathered their bearings after being flushed down what appeared to be a giant toilet. They appeared to now be on a beach with a jungle behind them with the ocean seemingly stretched out before them. Hajime glared at nothing in particular and growled,

"If I ever get to meet Meiru Melusine in some way I'll pay her back for flushing us like that!" Kaori laughed hesitantly and said,

"There's no way you'll get to meet her Hajime, I doubt she survived like you said Miledy did." Hajime had to agree with Kaori's words and figured that if Meiru did survive as well Miledy probably would've told them about it before. He then instead turned back towards the still wet Kaori and said,

"You should change into dryer clothes before something happens, I can't detect anyone else so it's possible that they got washed away to a different area altogether." Kaori said the affirmative that she would start changing, while Hajime turned his back so that he could focus on using his drones to observe their surroundings. As she stripped off her wet clothes however Kaori recalled one particular piece of information Hajime said and smiled mischievously as her panties slid down her legs.

"So you said no one is around with us?" She asked somewhat coquettishly. Hajime noticed difference in her tone and hesitantly said,

"...yes, I further confirmed it with the drones." The words were barely out of his mouth when he heard an excited squeal from behind him,

"HAJIMEEEE!" And turned to see a naked Kaori flying at him. He ended up getting a face full of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s as she pushed him down into a mounted position, and started moving in a provocative manner.

"Kaori we can't, we're still in a labyrinth here." He said to stop her advances, but Kaori didn't seem to listen to him and answered,

"So Alex and Yue can do it in the sub, but we can't here?" As she spoke a large magic circle spread below them before solidifying into a barrier around the two just in case something did happen. With the addition of the barrier along with his drones for surveillance and her argument regarding Alex and Yue, Hajime decided what the h.e.l.l and indulged in the meal before him. Coincidentally when enemies somehow magically appeared and did try to interrupt the twos s.e.xy time, they were destroyed with extreme prejudice by both people.


Standing on a rooftop overlooking an entire metropolis, was a certain black haired woman with cat ears and three tails swaying behind her as she watched the carnage going on below her with a grimace.

"Of everyone out there, why did I get stuck with the dumb berserker bunny~Nya?" Kuroka whined to herself in self pity, even as Shia mindlessly rampaged in the city below her. They had appeared in the middle of the ruined city and were looking for the way out, when suddenly the city seemed to come to life around them along with the ghosts of the people that used to live there, and the ones invading them. As the first rude person charged at her while ranting about some G.o.d or other Kuroka had swiped with her claws to end the man, only for them to phase right through him. She then tried a spell and found that the phantoms could only be destroyed by magic power. Shia then coated her hammer with magic power and started charging through the ranting fanatics, only to slowly enter her berserker mode, now she was rampaging around the city while Kuroka watched aimlessly. She figured that when there was no more enemies to take care of she would try and use a mild poison to subdue Shia before snapping her out of her berserk state, then she would try to find Alex afterwards. With her plan decided, Kuroka started relaxing in one of the most dangerous places in Tortus while a rabbit rampaged below her.


Meanwhile clear across the city another duo were slowly and leisurely making their way towards the sound of ma.s.s destruction, eliminating everyone that tried to bar their way in the process.

"This one doth believeth that it wouldst be faster to fly above the city itself, no?" Tio inquired towards the one that she naturally considered on the same level as her master, Grayfia. The ever stoic maid however groaned as she had enough of being alone with Tio and replied sharply,

"If we did that then we'll have to bother to either dodge or block all the spells they're throwing around up there, though it would probably be easier if I used you as a meat shield." Though she meant her words to be like an insult, Tio still wiggled grossly in joy and said,

"This one wouldst be honored to be thine meat shield! Oh, but then the ropes master gave this one might be ruined, better not." Tio then continued walking down the street as if nothing happened, while Grayfia froze as her mind tried to work out what Tio meant by ropes. She then decided it was better not to try and think about as she hurried to try and find anyone else to travel with instead of just this pervert.


At the base of a mountain that one could see the ruins of an old temple at the top, there was a trio of girls there trying to decide their next course of action, well two were and the third was trying to mediate.


"...and I said that we should look for everyone and ensure they're not here before moving on!"

"YOU'RE JUST TRYING TO COME UP WITH A DIFFERENT PLAN THAN MINE TO BE A PAIN IN MY b.u.t.t!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"...of course."

"Um big sis Rias, Yue, maybe we shouldn't fight right now and just try to figure out where we should go..."


"...shes your servant anyways, just because she agrees with her master doesn't mean you're right."

In that way Rias and Yue were bickering back and forth as they came up with different plans, just for the other to reject it in order to antagonize the former. This went on until the temple seemed to be magically repaired, and people started making their way down the mountain towards them and another group started running towards the mountain to meet them in combat.



Both groups moved to fight the other right where the three girls were still arguing, completely unaware of what they were about to interrupt.

"(...)SHUT UP!"

They both shouted as Rias directed a ma.s.sive blast of destruction towards the mountain temple, and Yue sent a cyclone of air that would put a tornado to shame towards the invaders. Asia could only watch patiently as the landscape around her was being rearranged.


"Oh Gasper you've really become more manly lately."

"Valerie, you're gonna make me blush!"

As the two flirted Gasper carried Valerie in a princess carry and they repeatedly acted in ways that would make anyone who might've seen them call them an idiot couple, or a bakacouple. What didn't match their lovey dove atmosphere however was the ma.s.s of darkness behind them as all sorts of nightmarish monsters wreaked havoc on the previously warring people, and the fact that the big muscular man that was carrying Valerie was dressed in a sailor outfit with even a skirt. They then proceeded to explore the place they ended up while still flirting and ignoring the chaos around them, as well as Anne who was following behind from a ways away to not ruin their flirty atmosphere.


Shizuku dreamed that she was drowning. She was under water and was looking up to see the surface and even the sunlight reflecting off of it, but no matter how close she thought she was and no matter how much she tried to swim she could not reach it. Instead she could only feel herself drifting down deeper as the water around her got darker, and her lungs grew more desperate for air. As she started giving up and felt the cold creeping in, a hand suddenly seemed to break the water surface as it shot down towards her. Shizuku knew that if she wanted to live she needed to take the hand, and reached with everything she had to grab onto it before it started pulling her towards the surface. The moment her face broke the surface though the dream ended.

"Cough cough!" She expelled the water that had been in her lungs while she had been drowning, directly into Alex's face which had been right above hers. He didn't say anything about it though, and just went to clean himself off while Shizuku continued trying to catch her breath after getting the last of the water out of her lungs. As she started calming down Alex finally asked,

"Are you alright?" She nodded silently before saying a moment later,

"Thank you for saving my life, again." Alex told her not to mind it before he started looking around and examining where they were. They had appeared in the middle of a ship graveyard which had what seemed to be several hundred destroyed warships around them. While he was examining their surrounding however, Shizuku's mind was in chaos as she thought about what just happened. Not only had Alex saved her in Orcus when she fought the monster called Ahadot, but he then saved her from drowning just know. As she thought about it Shizuku recalled how you saved one from drowning and that Alex's face was above hers when she woke up, resulting in her entire head turning Crimson as she hesitantly asked him,

"D-did you do artificial respiration on me?" Alex nodded his head without looking at her and confirmed,

"Yep, I had to since you weren't breathing and I'm not that skilled at using magic as an alternative." Shizuku nodded her head slowly and mumbled half to herself while gently brushing her fingers against her lips,

"So you not only saw me naked, but right afterwards you even took my first kiss..." Though she spoke in barely more than a whisper Alex heard her and sighed before replying,

"I did warn you before I put on my gla.s.ses so if we're pointing fingers that ones on you, even if it was Kuroka playing a prank. As for the kiss CPR doesn't count, otherwise lifeguards would probably have a monopoly on first kisses." Shizuku understood what Alex was trying to say, but her maiden heart still wanted to blame him for seeing her naked and "kissing" her while she was unconscious. Seeing as she was still being quiet about it, Alex then continued,

"If it bugs you that much-" Shizuku looked up to look at Alex when he continued talking, only to find her lips suddenly sealed by his own. At first she tried to pull away out of shock, but when his hands grabbed her waist and kept her from moving she gave up and let him kiss her. Though she was stiff and clumsy at first, when Alex continued to lead with the vast experience he had acc.u.mulated by now she began to follow along and was responding to his movements. After what seemed like forever but was actually only a little more than ten seconds, Alex separated from her slowly and asked,

"Was that better?" Shizuku nodded shyly while her face was still Crimson, which made Alex smile from how cute she was acting. He then said,

"As much as I don't want to ruin this moment for you, we are still in a labyrinth so we should probably focus." As if she was no longer capable of speech Shizuku only nodded once again and started following Alex as he took the lead in exploring the shipwrecks. As he looked around she was over thinking about the kiss and all the possibilities Alex implied through it, and if it meant he considered her his woman now. When this thought crossed her mind she didn't notice her own lips curl up slightly at the edges, and was confused about the giddy feeling she felt in her stomach. Her happy moment was interrupted however when the s.p.a.ce around them started warping and all the destroyed battleships were suddenly repaired and floating on the ocean, and they were surrounded by several people that weren't there a moment before shouting,


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