53 Binge Drinking With Bab-Kuretz

If you are looking for 53 Binge Drinking With Bab-Kuretz you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Reima bristles under Kuretz's gaze and he decides to confront him, he slowly ascends the small tower to enter the Colosseum's centre. He approaches the man wearing a ragged jacket that's plated in various kinds of metals, his collar looks like bear fur and he has weird spikes sprouting from some of his armour.

Reima "So you're Kuretz?"

Kuretz "Thats my name alright, what I want to know is... Who, and what are you?"

Reima "Reima Ludvig, Witcher and currently, slayer or Prospects."

Kuretz laughs at this convoluted introduction and points out the flaw in it "I only know one other person besides myself that can actually kill a Prospect. You are not her."

Reima "Yeah, about that... How are you actually able to remove masks?"


Kuretz "How about this, I heard from Talem that you wish to fight Risryn. To get to her you need to defeat me first, how about a deal. You beat me and I'll tell you."

Reima "What's in it for you?"

Kuretz "Entertainment? I despise the Guides and their constant attempts to steal my secrets, you seem to hold a similar att.i.tude towards them... And with them hunting you even if you didn't before, you will after." Reima seems surprised that he's being hunted but thinks about it for a moment and realises he hasn't exactly been quiet with his recent activities.

Reima "That sounds agreeable, will you be using your minions?"

Kuretz "Of course, I never said the fight will be fair hahaha!" He jumps back and commands the five surrounded black masked Prospects to attack Reima.

Deciding to see if their masks block Axii he uses the Sign on them and commands them to attack Kuretz. It takes more power than usual, possibly due to Kuretz influence but he manages to direct their anger towards their puppeteer.

Kuretz "What!" He shouts as he dodges the numerous strikes sent at him from his former allies.

Reima decides to follow up and uses a 360 tornado kick to break Kuretz block, he tries to use the Forsaken style to parry it but is interrupted by a kick in his back by his former puppet, it pushes him in the way of the kick which brutally strikes his face. Uses the force of the strike to retreat he uses Fold energy to create a shield that envelopes his body before crossing his arms and creating blade-like gauntlets made from Fold energy. A Prospect barrels forwards but has it's neck slash and arm removed by Kuretz who glances at Reima, knowing that Kuretz is keeping him in his sights he commands the other four Prospects to charge to draw his attention. While he's fighting them off he flanks around while drawing his sword and stabs at Kuretz back, the shield enveloping him trembles for a second before being pierced allowing a deep cut to run along his chest.

Kuretz responds by gritting his teeth and making his last stance against Reima, he barrels forwards knocking the Prospects out of the way before trying to stab his Fold energy blade into Reima stomach. He simply blinks a few meters above and drives his sword through the front of Kuretz and out of his back.

Kuretz shudders before slowly dissipating, "Well... Done." he manages to stutter out before he vanishes.

Reima decapitates his allied puppets before they can resist his control before sitting and starting meditate in the centre of the battle ground. Hopefully Kuretz will keep his end of the deal and return with the information he wants.

After a couple hours Reima senses movement approaching, Kuretz strolls through the entrance while waving at him.

Kuretz "That was hilarious! That's the first time in centuries anyone has taken control of my puppets before! Good one hahaha!"

Reima "Yeah I guess... It's a shame I couldn't see the look on your face."

Kuretz shakes his head before bringing his hand to his mask, Reima suspects what he's about to do so fully concentrates his Observation Haki on the Fold energy around his hand.

With a bit of effort Kuretz manages to tear the mask from his face, revealing his handsome young face. His blonde hair matches his blue eyes making him look like some sort of Aryan.

Kuretz "I know I'm a good looking guy but do you have to stare so hard?" He chuckles as he plays with the mask in his hands.

Reima "Considering you just demonstrated a secret technique even the Guides covet, yes, I do need to stare."

Kuretz shrugs "It's not even that hard, use the energy to disrupt the masks functions before tearing the sweaty thing off... While I do enjoy the immortality it provides, it does get rather stuffy in it."

Reima questions the mans insanity, how can he be so happy-go-lucky when he just murdered him.

Kuretz "I know that look, don't worry about it... Not the first time I made friend with my killer, that golden masked smug b.a.s.t.a.r.d makes it hard to hate him."

Reima has a lightbulb flash above his head, "Ah, you must mean Talem"

Kuretz crosses his arms and nods, "So you do know him. Doesn't surprise me, it's like he seeks to a.s.sist anyone and everyone... Some kind of fetish if you ask me." He continues,

Kuretz "Hey, It's been a couple decades since I've taken this thing off, I think it's time to see how my brew is doing..."

Reima "Brew?"

Kuretz "Whisky... What's the hardest part of brewing a good whisky? Time... And immortals have lots of it." He walks inside of the Colosseum with Reima trailing behind, he taps on the wall which shines yellow with essence before opening up and revealing a hidden room with large barrels inside.

Kuretz "It's basic, I know but I make do with what I find." he pulls out a tap and pierces the closest barrel with it, he reaches for a wooden mug and turns the tap which reveals the strong smelling golden brown liquid. He hands the mug to Reima before filling his own.

Reima "You know I'm like eleven years old right?" Kuretz almost faints when he says this.

Kuretz "I got beat by a brat like you? Man... I must be out of practise..." he downs his mug before coughing at it's intensity, "Man that's good s.h.i.t, go on, drink up... I was drinking at your age so you should be fine, look how I turned out."

Yeah that's what I'm worried about Reima mentally replies as he takes a sip. The whisky is a lot harsher than those he remembers back on earth but it's a change from the stream water he's had to consume until now. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

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