554 Not All Of You Are Aliens

If you are looking for 554 Not All Of You Are Aliens you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . While I was looking at Jim for some time he said "I have no idea"

"Oh, ok," I said while drying my hands and then I walked to the fridge. While I was there, I looked around and then I said "she has no meat here without ham"

"Oh, wait let me call her," Jim said while taking him phone out and when he started ringing, he makes it on speaker and when Mei answered she said "yes babe"

"Could you give me Meg," Jim said

"Ok wait for a second," Mei said and then she probably goes on speaker and she said "Meg to you"

"What happened," Meg asked

"Where you have other meat than ham," I asked her

"Oh, you can see corridor on the right while you look at the window," Meg said

"Yep," I said

"Go there and then you will see it," she said

"Ok thanks," I said and then I started walking there. While I come there, I could see two other fridges. While I opened one I could see prepared meat while in second been without spices.

While I was looking at it Jim comes and then he said "ok let's take with spices"

"Good idea but what Meg cooks will do when we take it," I said while looking at him

"Probably nothing, "he said

"Ok," I said while looking at them and while I couldn't see something which I like I said "oh well time for me to do it"

"Really," he asked

"Yes, I can find here anything good and while I haven't done this for a long time, it might be too spicy," I said to him

"Oh, I'm not scared of it," he said

"Oh, wait you probably like Sophia who eat this burning curry without breaks," I said

"I love it but only Mei doesn't like it," Jim said

"Oh, so not all of you are aliens," I said and then I take a nice portion of raw meat and I started walking to the kitchen. While I bene there I put it on the table and while taking a new knife I make little cuts which had been small outside but deep.

When I did this, I walked to forged and while taking garlic I cut it in small pieces and then I put it there. When I did this, I take some spices which I could find here and then I added on top. While I did this, I played a little with it to let it be everywhere and while finding cooking twine I started going around it to not let it go away but keep as I wanted.

While I did this, I looked at the oven and then I make it become hot.  While I was doing it I said "so about what you thinking now"

"You did this like professional," Jim said while looking at me

"Not as much I want to be," I said to him

"Oh, why," he asked

"I still lack skills and I stopped playing with what I should add," I said to him while walking to potatoes. While I come there, I checked them and while seeing that they aren't ready yet I added some salt there.

When I did this, I looked at Jim and then I said "what"

"Nothing," he said and then he asked "so what you planning to do now"

"Probably some salad," I said to him

"Oh, this might be a good idea," Jim said

"True and while Sophia hasn't eaten almost any vegetables yesterday, she needs to eat today," I said to him

"Oh, I can see that you are taking care of her," he said

"What else I can do," I asked while walking to the oven and after opening it I could feel that it's not as hot inside I as I wanted. When I did this, I walked to the fridge, and I started taking out some vegetables. While I was doing it Jim helped me with taking some which he wanted and while seeing how many we have here, I asked "so three types of salad"

"This is a good idea," he said

"Ok I will start doing it," I said to him and then I started from peeling the cuc.u.mber. While I was doing it I said "could you check if fork which is close to potatoes go with no hesitation inside of them or not,"

"Ok," Jim said and then he did this. While he did it a few times he said "about five minutes more"

"Ok," I said while looking now at the cuc.u.mber and while wanting to eat one thing I put it on the side. When I did this, I started preparing other vegetables. While I was doing it I stopped after five minutes pa.s.s, and then I checked potatoes.

When I did this, I could feel that they are ready so I take them from fire and after pouring water I put them one back on fire. When I did this, I looked at Jim and then I said "ok time for meat" and then I turned it off under it and I walked to oven and after checking is so f.u.c.king hot from it I take the meat and I put it inside while making temperature higher and using a timer.

When I did this, I looked at him and I said "ok we can come back to making salad"

"Ok," he said and while I come back there I started making salads. While first will be mostly Italian style second will be a mix of vegetables and last will be only cuc.u.mber and sour cream only.

First, I did is with using vegetables I need with a little help from Jim to cut it on small portions and when we did this; I put it all inside of the bowl and then I added some spices and olive oil.

When I did this, I started with Italian style where Jim washed types of lettuce which Megan have here and while I always buy a mix of them I don't remember names but I know how they taste.

When he was cleaning, then I dry them while moving a little and then I started cutting them and adding inside of the bowl. While I was doing it I said "ok end"

"Ok," he said while looking at me. While we did it I started cutting a cuc.u.mber. While I was doing it, I could see one looker and then I wave my hand and while seeing me Meg smiled and walked away. While she did this, I come back to doing it and while I was doing it, I could hear that someone started walking inside.

While hearing it I could see girls and then I said "go back"

"No," Sophia said

"Yes, we want to see what you were doing here," Mei said

"True," Martha said

"Go and you will have a surprise," I said

"Babe it's dinner time soon," Sophia said

"I know and soon food will be ready now I'm finis.h.i.+ng doing it," I said while pointing on salads and I said "if you want you can eat it,"

"No, thanks," she said and then she walked out. While seeing her I smiled and while seeing that everyone started walking away after her. While I was left with Jim, I said "ok time to do with potatoes if they clam down"

"They should," Jim said

"I hope so," I said while looking at them and after I take one I could feel that they are almost at room temperature and after eating it I said, "ok time to do it".

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