84 Greg Ignore Me

If you are looking for 84 Greg Ignore Me you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . While I was waiting to him I heard running water 'oh so Greg I turned you on how nice' I said to myself while taking my laptop and sending how our money go away. I made photo side by side to show dad how they take it. He could be annoyed by it but now I don't have proper copy of it. I will take it in our last day there. When I finish it I take Greg t-s.h.i.+rt and I wait to wear it. After some time 'only for you not to suffer but my girls are hurt too' I said to myself when I heard that water stop running there.

When I lay on bed and doing this thinks I don't know when I start eating that chocolate it too good to stop good that I broke it on pieces when I go with it and drink that I haven't touch much. When I saw Greg look at my food bought by him I needed to think about some think fast so I ask him

"how you doing now" after some time he haven't answer me but he is more focused on his laptop 'you will suffer one again. I shouldn't be ignored by you how could you' then I get up and go to him and ask again while hugging him

"what you doing"

"checking news I just wanted to know what in sport happened now and later I will play some games." He answered fast and haven't look at me.

I become more annoyed so I take one more chocolate and eat both of them. I don't know when but I mute my phone and I start messages with my friends

";(" I send it in our group chat

"what happened" Mei write first

Then message from Megan come "poor you tell us what make you cry"

"I'm annoyed Greg ignore me now. He come with me to my business trip"

"what happened" Mei write

"I just hug him while having nothing on top and I turn him on"

"ok question" message from Mei again

"did he spend some time in toilet before there like 20 min or more" Megan write while Mei was typing

"yes" I answer remembering that he was 30 min there when we come back to hotel

"what you wear before it"

"oh the same thinks I have at last Mei bday"

"oh now all explained I haven't tell you before but when u wear it from some angle your b.o.o.bs are seen so that's why he spend there that time before he was turned on then. And now probably it happened in less that 2h so he might be hurt but don't worry he look as tough guy so he needed to get away his stress"

"ok I'm going take a nap" I write to them and I turn my phone off and I fall asleep fast. I had good dream that Greg is my table and I eat food from his body but I was awaken by someone touching me it was Greg but now wearing his clothes not like in my dream.

Then I go to toilet and do what I needed to do remembering my dream 'I hope it will be real soon' me and my fetishes. When I go out I saw that Greg is in bed so I go to him and I hug him. I don't know when but his hand was between my legs. When first I feel it I tightened it but when he was taking them off he accidently touch my private place. When he done this I said to myself 'f**k he turn me on now. I'm wet first time after so many years I become like that.' After some time I hear his snore. After it I go to toilet and go all with my pee 'I don't want to m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e I just prefer that he will do this to me' I said to myself while going back to bed and falling asleep while hugging him.

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