86 A Rock In Calm Water

If you are looking for 86 A Rock In Calm Water you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . "Thrust!" "HAH!" The loud roar of the soldiers echoed through the yard as 300 of them readied their spears and thrust in unison. Their fierce shouts and thrusts were done so artfully that the knights that led the men and soldiers alike seemed to be proud of themselves. The ground seemed to shake as the men took a step forward, moving their spears and dirt rose up in the air. "Good work." A middle-aged man with a blonde hair and a blue eyes spoke in a satisfied voice as he watched the soldiers in training. He had a calm voice and a soft expression, but he was as big as a small bear. "I knew you could do the job. The new recruit training is going well. So will they be enough for reinforcements to each of the villages?" The man's voice had a deep, calm tone to it. Anyone who heard him would like him. The knight that was standing next to him bowed. "Yes, milord. We will add the reinforcements next week as we finish the training. I believe we won't have any problems with the village defenses." Seil O'dre, Captain of the Knights, reported to the man, Count Brant Khalodian, as he caressed his mustache. He was very pleased to see his new recruits. Seil was also relieved to see his master being pleased with his work. "Good. I'm relieved to have a man like you at my side during these chaotic times. Thank you." Seil blushed as Brant complimented him. "Thank you, milord." He was very flattered. At that moment, a horse ran into the courtyard and was stopped by the soldiers. Brant and Seil turned their eyes onto the soldier on the horse. "Stop right there!" Knights below approached the horse for inspection as the soldier hopped off the horse to kneel. "Milord." The knights stood guard in front of him asked, "Who are you?" "I am Grantz, a guard from Khaloda Village. I bring a letter from our captain." The soldier handed a parchment scroll to the knight and he brought it up to the area where Brant was watching. -Milord. The Ainos have arrived at the village for the annual trade, but there is a n.o.ble that has joined them this year. He names himself as Sir Knight Joonb.u.m Christos, member of the Count Christos family of the Daehan Empire…- 'Daehan Empire? A family of a count? Hmm.' Brant became puzzled as he read through the letter. The letter mentioned that the n.o.ble was a count which meant that it was up to Brant to greet him in that case. Moreover, the n.o.ble in the letter rode into the village on a never-before-seen, extraordinary carriage. But more letters arrived in the following days, consisting of more shocking messages. -The Ainos have canceled their exclusive trade deal with Donian. It seems that the Ainos found out they raised the price last year…- -The Ainos notified everyone that they will be having a feast. They are inviting all merchants, mercenaries, and villagers alike and wishes for the guards to protect…- -The family of Count Christos sends you a gift. It is very fragile so we are delivering it with utmost care…- -The feast was a success. We have mercenaries who seemed to be dangerous in custody. The Ainos are freely roaming around the village after the feast…- Letters usually came once every two weeks with not much news. But the letters that arrived in consecutive days provided shocking news each time. It resulted with Brant calling for a meeting with his advisors. Hernan Oto the Secretary, Baril Mondra the Tax Collector, and Seil O'dre the Captain of the Knights gathered at the office of the Count. They sat around the big table where various objects were placed in the middle. "Has it been two years since we all sat together around this table?" Hernan Oto nodded as he caressed his white beard at Count Brant's question. "Yes, it is. It's been two years and three months. We had a problem with the neighboring Beshek Territory. We had to decide if we were going to war or not." Baril Mondra and Seil O'dre nodded in agreement. "So, what do you think?" Everyone turned their eyes to objects on the table. They seemed to be at a loss for words. "Hmm. The smallest thing is called a lighter. This…" Brant picked up the lighter and started the fire. A small fire rose from the lighter and everyone looked at it in shock. As the count took his thumb off the trigger, the fire disappeared. "M-magic! Is that magic?" "That is… amazing. It doesn't even have that much of a smell." "I have never seen such a thing." Brant nodded as they seem to share the same thoughts. "It lets you start a fire easily. You can look at the manual there. It shows you how to use it and what not on it." "Oh!" "Hmm." They read through the parchment and nodded. The manual indicated the pros and cons of the item. "It's a shame that we have a limit on such a convenient item." "We do not know how to make such thing." "No n.o.ble shares their knowledge that easily. We also keep our blacksmiths deep in the castles." "Right." "Now, now. There's more. Look at these dishes. Have you ever seen such a thing?" Brant looked at Hernan. He was the only one here who had traveled to all parts of the world, but he shook his head. "There is no country that has such craftsmanship. Not even the empire has such beautifully-crafted dishes or teacups. Look at that bottle and the gla.s.s! It's not of this world." Everyone turned their eyes to bottles of liquor among the items. There were various types of liquor in the boxes. "Shall we taste it then?" Everyone seemed eager to try it out. They already knew Captain Hectos from the village claimed it to be liquor from heaven. Seil stood up to take out the bottle and gla.s.s and began pouring. "Wow." Everyone gasped at the scent from the liquor. "Hmm. So we have to smell it first, then take a sip and taste it first… Hah, too complicated." Seil frowned at the manual he read. He liked to gulp down his beer, so this was not his way of doing things. When everyone had been given a cup, Seil picked up the gla.s.s. "Milord, please allow me to try it first." "Go on." Everyone's eyes turned to Seil as he reluctantly followed the manual and began drinking it. "Hmph! It does have a good scent. It's deep." Everyone nodded. They already knew it coming from the gla.s.s in front of them. The knight began drinking the liquor. "Oh… Oh-oh!" Seil stood up in shock. His face was red, but he didn't say anything. Everyone else began drinking their cups. They too were shocked, similar to Seil. Everyone here loved to drink, so they knew how good this was. "I've- I've never tasted such thing…!" "This is more than amazing." "It's as Hectos claimed!" "I understand why those merchants are ignoring Donian to get their hands on one of these." Brant narrowed his eyes. Everyone became calm at his words. "A countess and her second son…" Brant mumbled at the thought. Hernan spoke out. "I don't think it's a lie. No liar would send such a gift." "I agree. It looks like they are wealthy n.o.bles by the looks of these gifts. I heard the carriages they brought in were as amazing as these." "I agree with everyone." Hernan, Baril, and Seil all agreed and so did Brant. "Right. I was getting irritated at the Donians anyway. I guess I should see the n.o.ble to thank him for the gift. Seil!" "Milord." "I will travel to Khaloda Village myself. Prepare the recruits that have finished training." Everyone looked at him in shock. "Milord! You cannot go there yourself!" "No way! We can invite them here." "We just need to thank them for the gift and prepare a feast in the castle…" "Stop." Brant raised his hands. "It costs money to host a feast. Aren't we short on money as we are paying the interest to the Donians? Hernan, tell me." "B-but…" "We have to feed them for at least a week if we invite them here. Did you see these gifts? They sent these as a gift. How are you going to serve them to their liking?" Brant looked at everyone, demanding an answer. "Hmm…" "What if we…" "We can't borrow from Donian again…" n.o.body could answer. Brant looked at his loyal advisors for a moment and smiled. "We are facing a countess. We are inviting a n.o.ble lady to this ragged castle. It will be shameful of us to do such a thing. It's best if I go to them myself. We have to send the reinforcements to the village anyway. Oh, besides, the Ainos only stay in the village for two weeks. They will decline my offer to come here because of the time it will take them. There's no other way."

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