Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 Uninhibited

Lilia followed behind Fang Xingjian, agitated. She lugged a big basket of steel swords on her back, saying, "Teacher, you're really awesome! It's too satisfying!" She looked at Fang Xingjian and said with stars gleaming in her eyes, "Where are we headed to next?"

Fang Xingjian threw a glance towards his Stats Window. After the battle earlier, his Ice Age Meditation Art progressed once again. It had finally broken through a barrier and reached level 3.

Now, he only felt that his mind was extremely empty; his thoughts and consciousness were extremely clean and clear, even the speed at which his contemplated problems were much faster. All his past memories now seemed clearer by many folds over.

His memories were clear to the extent that even details of the food he ate and drinks he drank for the past over ten days were remembered clearly.

After such a contented battle, the progress for his Ice Age Meditation Art was raised to be much faster.

Such acts of single-handedly challenging opponents with his sword in hand allowed Fang Xingjian to express his feelings frankly, venting the frustrations acc.u.mulated from the days of investigation he had just been through.

Hearing Lilia's question, Fang Xingjian replied cooly, "Look for Cla.s.s 249."

Since he had started it, since he would have to face up to the academy's punishment anyway, he decided to make good use of time and challenge everyone he could. Not only would he be able to steal sword arts, he would also be able to increase the experience gained for his Ice Age Meditation Art.

Thinking of how he could challenge the various experts single-handedly, even his mental cultivation method seemed to circulate even faster, leaving him feeling delighted.

'When I, Fang Xingjian, does things, I will be uninhibited, seeking only for peace of the heart.'

A cold gleam flashed in Fang Xingjian's eyes as he dashed off, carrying Lilia.

Cla.s.s 249 was the cla.s.s whose period spent in cultivation was second only to Cla.s.s 248. Currently, there were only eight students as well. The Prefectural Champion was an aristocrat by the name of Ralph, who was also a swordsman.

There were many Knights in the Empire, with countless martial arts factions of all kinds. But within the five main categories—which include the Sword and Saber, Staff and Rod, Bow and Arrow, Bare-handed, and Miscellaneous—the Sword and Saber category was naturally the one with the most number of people, taking up at least half the number of Knights there were.

Sword and Saber had always been the one to rule it all.

But the current Cla.s.s 249 was not gathered together like Cla.s.s 248 did. Therefore Fang Xingjian directly headed for the Prefectural Champion Ralph's villa.

At that moment, Ralph was in his training room cultivating his sword arts. His back was bare and perspiration ran down like rain. Even though the movement between each of his moves and each of his stances was extremely slow, they would create terrifying trembling sounds in the air. These were the faint shockwaves formed by the muscles and bones in his body which were trembling crazily, causing tremors in the air.

Just then, his body suddenly paused, his longsword slanted, and his Reduced Force Field was like a force field s.h.i.+eld, blocking before him.

In the next moment, amidst explosive booms, countless air cyclones knocked down the villa's walls, brazenly sweeping through every single room in the villa.

In mid air, Fang Xingjian was grabbing on to Lilia's neck as if he was holding on to a little puppy. Encompa.s.sed by sword Qis all over, he gently lowered himself down and landed before Ralph.

"Fang Xingjian?" Ralph furrowed his brows and asked, "What do you mean by this?"

Each Prefectural Champion was all chosen from amongst Kirst, each of them had amazing talent and brilliance. Moreover, Ralph had devoted a lot of his time in his cultivation for the past seven years. Regardless if it was in terms of his attributes, level, Waves, or Killing technique, they were all in the best condition.

All along, his actual goal had been to defeat Hamil and then partic.i.p.ate in the Regional Selection.

Amongst those who were also in the first transition, only some of the senior instructors in the academy who had transitioned for decades, or the old freaks like Rebecca who were from reputable clans, could win against him easily.

In fact, if it was not because his teammates were slightly weaker than Hamil's, they would definitely be able to win against Hamil's cla.s.s.

Therefore, even if he knew that Fang Xingjian had transcended the speed of sound and had displayed astonis.h.i.+ng talent during the compet.i.tion, Ralph was still very confident.

It was because, if his opponent was a first transition Knight, he had the confidence to defeat them with his sword regardless who it was. If he did not even have this much confidence, who was he to call himself a Knight, a Prefectural Champion?

It was just like a student from junior high or high school. Even if one was left with nothing and was the last in the level, one would still have the confidence to be able to step over the rich, or even to punch the president of a country in the future. They would not feel inferior to anyone else. Such was the vigor of youth. Such was the vigor of a Prefectural Champion like Ralph.

Hearing Ralph's question, Fang Xingjian first let go of Lilia. Then, with a point of his index finger, a longsword jumped up from the basket behind Lilia, landing in his hands.

"Receive an attack from my sword first.

"You better buck up, don't be so unprepared such that you can't even receive an attack from my sword."

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, Fang Xingjian swung down his sword from a distance, creating a cyclone with a width of about four to five meters. It then instantaneously transformed into an enormous a tornado of sword Qi, swirling towards Ralph.

"What?!" d.i.c.k's eyes were wide opened in disbelief. "Fang Xingjian tore down Hamil's villa, injured Hamil and the people from Cla.s.s 248, and then knocked out Cla.s.s 249's Ralph?"

"That's right!" Cla.s.s 248's Hylong said. "Teacher, quickly keep your cla.s.s's Fang Xingjian in check! He's now headed to look for the people from Cla.s.s 250. He's wreaking havoc in the whole academy!

This is too unreasonable, too outrageous! It's simply the act of gangsters! What right does he have to bash up people like this in the academy, ignoring the regulations?!"

'What right?' d.i.c.k thought of the Governor and the Headmaster. He thought of Charlie who had been given a slapped in front of everyone, yet did not even dare to retort and had left feeling crestfallen. He smiled bitterly and said, "Let's go, let's go. We'll go take a look at the situation first."

Hylong had yet to notice the change in d.i.c.k’s tone. He only nodded furiously and said, "Teacher, such students without any discipline that blatantly infringe the academy's regulations must definitely be harshly punished!"

'Punished?' d.i.c.k let out a cold laugh and threw a glance towards Hylong as if he was looking at an idiot. He had want to give him a reminder, but after some thought, he just shook his head.

The two of them quickly headed for the villa of Cla.s.s 250's Prefectural Champion, meeting many workers, servants and students who had come out as well. Some of their faces were filled with anxiety while others were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with curiosity and astonishment.

"Have you heard? Fang Xingjian single-handedly challenged Hamil and Ralph in a row."

"d.a.m.n, this Fang Xingjian is too arrogant."

"He's not only arrogant, he is overly strong as well, to be able to win against Hamil and Ralph. Wouldn't that mean that his cultivation for one and a half month is comparable to our years of cultivation?"

"Wasn't he brought in to be investigated by the a.s.sociation? Why is he out again?"

The more Hylong heard, the more infuriated he felt. On the contrary, d.i.c.k appeared increasingly calm. From back when he was hostile towards Fang Xingjian to how he looked upon him coldly and unconcerned, d.i.c.k now knew well what Fang Xingjian's value was.

It could be said that the current Fang Xingjian was the Headmaster's and Huang Lin's treasure. Even important characters like the Governor's level had valued Fang Xingjian greatly. And the greater the problems he created, the more people he defeated and the stronger they were, it would only be a display of his talent and potential. Not only would he free from severe punishment, he would only be valued even more.

Of course, he still might be given minor punishments to put up a front for ordinary students. Towards this, d.i.c.k had already thought nothing of it.

And when he followed the crowd to the villa of Cla.s.s 250's villa, he could only see a land of ruins with countless craters in the ground, fallen buildings, destroyed lawns, and over ten longswords which were pierced into the ground.

"Look, that's Cla.s.s 250's Genovieve! d.a.m.n it! She lost too!"

d.i.c.k followed the crowd's gaze, only to see a brown-haired beauty in red armor kneeling down on the ground. A big puddle of blood was under her feet, and trails of blood were trickling down from her face, neck, and stomach as well.

However, they were all just superficial wounds and were not fatal. With a Knight's calibre, it would only take a few days for her to recover.

But at least for now, she no longer had the ability to battle anymore.

Just then, an earth-shaking explosion came once again from the far distance in the academy. Rays of piercing light soared into the skies, and almost every Knight could feel the extreme agitation of the ether particles in the far distance.

"It's the villa of Cla.s.s 251's Prefectural Champion, Rota!"

"Has the fight started again?"

"Quick! Go and have a look!"

d.i.c.k looked towards the rays of light soaring into the air in the distance, smiling bitterly as he shook his head.

Hylong anxiously said, "Teacher, let's go quickly! If not, there's going to be even more injuries!”

"d.a.m.n this Fang Xingjian. Does he still give a hoot about regulations? Does he still have any sense?!"

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