Chapter 174

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Ji Nuan's lips were stuffed with a mouthful of egg . She chewed, speaking with her mouth full, “Such an experience is so rare . How do you feel about it?”

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“Nothing much to it . It's as though I've gained a daughter . ” Mo Jingshen picked up a piece of vegetable and stuffed it into her mouth without waiting for her to reply .

“If we were to have a daughter in the future, I fear that you'll spoil her to death . ”

Mo Jingshen's handsome brows moved up slightly . “Why don't we make one right now?”

Ji Nuan drank a mouthful of soup, swallowing before saying, “Wait for me to return from T City before I consider it . ”

Arriving at the topic of T City, Mo Jingshen calmly said, “The professor your father recommends in T University is indeed well qualified and has cultivated many capable leaders . But the number of students who seek him in admiration is large . His at T University have 40 to 50 students . Are you sure you can adjust to such a learning environment?”

Ji Nuan was not sure when he had investigated the professor . She raised her eyes . “You even have to check on a professor . Are you that worried about me?”

“T City is not close to Hai Cheng . I don't even fully understand the situation there . How can I possibly let you go without worrying . ” Mo Jingshen saw that she was already full and carelessly placed the cutlery down . He picked up a napkin and wiped her lips .

“But are you agreeing to it right now? Can I go there when that professor starts his new cla.s.s at T University a few days later?” Ji Nuan's face was full of antic.i.p.ation .

Mo Jingshen glanced at her . “I can send the most outstanding local or international lecturer here to give you a month of tuition . If one month isn't enough, we can do two . It'll be the same if you learn at home . ”

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Ji Nuan knew Mo Jingshen would not easily allow her to leave for T City .

“No matter how outstanding of a lecturer you find, it wouldn't feel very good if he is only teaching me . Based on my age, if I hadn't studied in America in the past, I would still be in university right now . T University is a top-ranked university within the country . This sort of educational establishment would have a better learning environment . ”

“That professor of yours teaches for at least three months each semester . Are you sure you want to leave Hai Cheng for three months?” Mo Jingshen's tone was mild .

“It's only for three months . Just treat it as though I've left for T City to further my studies . Don't your company frequently send its people out of the country to further their studies? Three months will pa.s.s by in a blink of an eye . Furthermore, isn't long-distance relationships in trend these days? Before our marriage, we've never experienced the joys and sorrows of being separated while in love . This is a good opportunity to experience it . ” Ji Nuan smiled in amus.e.m.e.nt .

However, Mo Jingshen coldly sneered . “Who wants to have a long-distance relationship with you? Joys and sorrows? You've really placed too much thought into this!”

Ji Nuan: “… You're really not romantic at all! They say distance makes the heart grow fonder . ”

Mo Jingshen was expressionless . “From my point of view, we are still considered newlyweds . There is no need to use distance to shake things up . ”

Ji Nuan was choked by his words . She was about to refute his words but Mo Jingshen no longer planned to further the topic . He used his eyes to indicate for her to stand up . “Stand up . You've just eaten, it's not good for digestion . Walk around the room . I'll go fill the bathtub for you to wash up . ”

After finishing his words, the man turned and entered the bathroom .

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Ji Nuan: “…”

She was not sure when it began, but Mo Jingshen was gradually becoming well trained in taking care of her .

After their evening argument, no, it could not be considered an argument, but Mo Jingshen's stance still appeared ambiguous . She was not sure if he would actually let her go, and his att.i.tude toward this issue was always rather cold .

Ji Nuan's hands were bandaged . When she sat in the tub, her clothes were already removed . She was half-supported and half-carried by Mo Jingshen into the water . She had been too busy in the day, and after receiving a fright from the afternoon delivery, she had been in a constantly alerted state . The moment she entered the warm water, she could not resist her heavy eyelids and gradually became drowsy .

Afterward, she was not sure when she fell asleep while leaning against the edge of the bathtub . However, the occasional caresses against her body made it difficult for her to sleep well . When she opened her eyes from time to time, she saw the man's silhouette . Being by Mo Jingshen's side gave her a sense of security that led her to keep her eyes shut for the remainder of the time .

Mo Jingshen saw her cheeks were reddened from the warm water . The sight of her rosy cheeks against her white skin and her clean and delicate appearance softened his heart beyond measure . His eyes became more gentle, and his lips curved slightly .

“Don't sleep . If you sleep in the tub, you'll catch a cold . ” Mo Jingshen pinched her cheek . He did not intend to allow her to sleep in the tub like this .

Ji Nuan furrowed her brows and pushed his hand away . She leaned out of the tub, directly leaning on his shoulder .

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Mo Jingshen did not force her any further . He washed her body, wrapped her up in a towel, and carried her up from the tub . With his long legs, he took big steps out of the bathroom .

After looking at the woman's tired little face, his brows knitted slightly . “You're so tired . Don't head to the studio tomorrow . Your hand needs some time to recover as well, so stay at home obediently tomorrow . ”

Ji Nuan snuggled closer to his embrace, speaking in a daze, “I can't… The studio is lacking in staff right now… If I don't go, everyone will be even more tired…”

“You know that the studio is lacking in staff, yet you want to go to T City?”

“That's different… if I really go, Xia Tian will come to help me . ” Ji Nuan snuggled closer to him again, speaking sweetly, “I really want to go . ”

“I didn't say I won't let you go . Let your hands heal first . ” Mo Jingshen carried her to the bed .

Ji Nuan's eyes were shut the whole time as she cuddled into in his arms . She drowsily spoke, “I need to work hard . Harder than I used to . ”

Mo Jingshen's gaze deepened as he focused on the little woman in his arms . He placed her on the bed .

The moment she touched the bed, Ji Nuan instinctively found a more comfortable position . She then raised her elbow to her nose for a sniff and said, almost as though to flatter him, “Thank you, hubby, for helping me shower . My whole body smells good now…”

For the sake of gaining his agreement, this little woman was constantly trying to think up ways to coax him .

Mo Jingshen snorted, tossing the comforter on her body . “Don't move your hands about . Place them down and quickly go to sleep . ”

Ji Nuan was really tired . She hugged the comforter in her arms and comfortably fell asleep .

The next day, Ji Nuan woke up to discover it was late . Her originally full schedule in the studio was already cleared .

After making a call, she discovered that Mo Jingshen had transferred someone from his office over to help her manage the work in the studio . After confirming that the initial plans were all proceeding well, Ji Nuan relaxed and laid back down on the bed .

Mo Jingshen, this man, he was usually so quiet but always did everything well . When it came to her affairs, he always arranged everything particularly well .

After resting for a while, she moved to sit up . Her hands instinctively pressed against the bed, but the sudden aching pain caused her to lift her hands up for a look . Seeing her bandaged palms and the small cuts from the blade on her fingers, she recalled the doll she saw yesterday . It immediately brought back some of the fright she experienced yesterday .

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