Chapter 70

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“How’s it over there?”

“Na~ it seems pretty hard to get a good stone.”


Yuusuke had returned to the inn in Driadria after one activity, as they began discussing about their results and reports during the late lunch.


Sorzak seems to have collected the necessary amount of iron ore, and had contracted someone to deliver his ores to Fonclanc.


Since the current mission has already been accomplished, the research on the sampled soil will be continued in the bas.e.m.e.nt of Yuusuke’s mansion.


“Well now, since the mission is done, it should be time for some sightseeing but….”


“The current situation won’t allow us to have a light hearted tour though.”

“Rinval, we should be able to have a calm time there right?”

“Since the tasks are completed, we could head there at any time.”


In the end, since they are currently in the danger zone, there is no point to stay here any longer, thus they will be heading home tomorrow. SInce there weren’t any huge items to be dismantled, they began preparing the carriage with food and water to head home.



Dusk. When the mercenaries and adventurers came back to the city, the number of casualties seemed to have racked up more than the predicted amount, and it appeared that the vicinity around the magical beast facility was more dangerous than expected. Amongst them, there were those who began blatantly criticizing the Darkness G.o.d Corps “for being afraid” as they were preparing to head home.


But Yuusuke had adopted the strategy to ignore the insults and provocations in order to avoid trouble.


As night fell, the Darkness G.o.d Corps Squad members had their free time to think over it before heading to bed. Aisha and Isotta took Shaheed and Fonke to various clothing shops, while Vermeer and Sorzak headed to the hotel bar. For some reason, Reifold seemed to have disappeared and vanished from the room.


Yuusuke accompanied Sun and Razshia to the nearby street stalls.


“So what kind of souvenirs should I bring back?” “If it’s for Violet-sama, what are your thoughts on a glittering pendant?”

“If it’s that princess, she would definitely like it.”


The structure of the Rin lamp isn’t very complicated, as there were many pendant sized rin lamp accessories lined up along the stalls. Although the items didn’t last long, it was possible to refill the luminous moss.


While Yuusuke’s gang were enjoying the relaxing shopping, at a nearby drinking bar, a group of drunkards began making a ruckus with some people wearing black uniforms.


「ぅお? てんかのアンシンたいちょーどのは~、むぎとどれぇはべらせてカンコーきどりってかぁ~」(Drunken Chatter)


“Sun, Shia, let’s go around that way.”




Giving a wry smile towards the drunkards over at the opposite side of the street, Yuusuke urged the two to head down another way. When they were going back after shopping, they saw a number of people who had been spreading rumors, leaving them unchecked might become harmful.


Sorzak had warned that amongst the mercenaries and adventurers, there were those who were desperate to rise in fame, and in order to hasten their progress to become renowned, they came to ascertain the strength of the Darkness G.o.d Captain Yuusuke.


Even so, there weren’t any of them who would dive into a direct confrontation with Yuusuke after the challenge duel with their predecessor Thalys. There were those who were ambitious, some idealist, but generally most of them were sensible, as they proceed with caution. However, there were those who weren’t patient and were thoughtless to their actions and thus were easily manipulated by others.


“O~i, Ar~e you runn~ing away? Ooh?”

“Hey…..come with me?”

“U~n, I’m not drunk.”


“This is troublesome….”


There were a few observers surrounding them who noticed that Yuusuke and his gang were troubled by it while coming back from shopping, as these observers were waiting and antic.i.p.ating for something to occur. There were many excited drunkards drawn to the action.


These fellas were provoking Yuusuke’s gang without actually challenging him, as they were trying to access his rumored strength, whether he actually possesses it or not like the rumors said, and ascertain that the duel was not a setup.


In the rumors, he had placed a giant wall instantaneously, built a fortress in an instant,  teleported around, but there wasn’t any info on how he fights. As long as they could see a little bit of his powers which was in the rumors, from there they could then strategize on tactics and counter methods.


However, their drunkard friends that came out from the bar didn’t do as planned and had easily dispersed.


“Oi, what are you guys doing, return to your seats. The leader of Dria will be treating drinks.”



The drunkard who couldn’t even speak properly returned towards the bar. After seeing them off, a young man wearing leather came to Yuusuke to apologize for the former adventurer.


“I’m sorry, his closest friends didn’t come back from the scouting trip today….thus he’s drowning his sorrows in alcohol.”

“I see…. No worries, I got the general idea, thanks for telling me.”



Showing his understanding, Yuusuke nodded and thanked the former adventurer. Just the other day, during their conversation on the main street, he could feel the crazy talks they had, which led to trying to stay within safe talks, as Yuusuke suggested.


“Is the Darkness G.o.d Corps going to return home?”

“Yea, since we have tentatively completed our current mission.”


The former adventurer became silent as he thought and slowly began to talk.


“....erm, I know it’s pretty unreasonable, I wish that you could lend a hand on the magical beast slaying.”

“Erm that is….”


Having to deal with multiple magical beast, even the mercenary corps were having a hard time, not to mention the anti-divine arts ability which rendered the conventional methods useless against them.

Since the devastating amount of casualties from the scouting group, the mercenary and adventurer group became cautious of their future activities.


“I understand that this is an unreasonable request. But, it might have fallen under the official duties?”


He who had fought with the magical beast and coming out unscathed...knowing that the Darkness G.o.d Corps had successfully repelled them before, if he could get them to join, the other groups and members would be able to be inspired by them.


“I believe that soon the magical beasts incident will escalate, please reconsider.”


With those words, the former adventurer headed back to the bar where his group was waiting for him.




Yuusuke didn’t want to place his group in danger and he also wanted to avoid any unnecessary danger, while he will felt bad for ignoring that person’s plight. Although he was bothered by the dangerous atmosphere that was filling up the area.


That said, having already decided to return home to bring up such a story will cause anyone to be perplexed and troubled.


“How about asking everyone about it?”

“I will follow Yuusuke-san no matter what he decides.”


“Ng~, me too.”


Discuss it or not, that was the problem. However, he groaned as Reifold called out and came towards Yuusuke and gang from an alley when they were returning from their trip.


“Oya, heading back today?”

“Oh it’s Reifold …. wait a minute, how come you were in that gap.”



Good timing, just when Yuusuke needed an advisor and a third opinion, as this self proclaimed forest resident came out between the gap of 2 buildings. Seeing Razshia still being tense and wary of Reifold, he left her to Sun as the 2 headed back to the inn.



“Yeah, I think that overdoing one’s duty is not a problem though ~~”


Since this magical beast threat concerned the whole of Kalticio, whether to try a.s.sisting them or to simply cooperate with them, Reifold suggested it in a non half hearted expression which was rare.


“I can’t come to a decision just by that talk alone…”


“Let’s think through this step by step.”


This is just the beginning of the magical beast threat, so far it’s still limited to the local geographical area of Trent Rietta. However, currently at this very location, most of the world’s mercenaries and adventurers have gathered here.

If they were to make a move here, the Darkness G.o.d Corps activities will be witnessed by the entire information network spreading through Trent Rietta and it will leave an impression on the different countries and people throughout Kalticio.


“Yuusuke-kun’s activity might even give a positive impact on the world.”

“The world….”


Reifold’s words seemed to pierce straight into Yuusuke’s heart from his ears. As he repeated in his brain “positive impact on the world.”




Suddenly, “sfx:Kring” the sound of breaking gla.s.s awoke Yuusuke’s consciousness as he was drifting off. Realising his conscious had drifted off, he began blinking his eyes rapidly.

“What….was I doing!”


Being a little frightened, unlike her usual look, she had a grim look as she could not feel the presence of Reifold who Isotta had been glaring at from the corner of the street.


Isotta who realised Reifold had used “Wind illusion” on Yuusuke and made an “interference wind” to override the hypnotic effect.


“Oh, this is an unexpected event.”


Making a move that was unbelievable, Reifold showed a smile he always had. Aware of Isotta being nearby, although she was timid, even if she interfered with the illusion, she wouldn’t be able to do anything else.


She sent an SOS signal towards the inn to her fellow Darkness G.o.d Corps member, when they heard about the situation from Isotta, they took their weapons and came menacingly at Reifold.


The face of the two, Sun and Razshia who had left earlier, Sun appeared with a bow in a hand while Razshia was holding the arrowheads in a.s.sistance.


“Whoa whoa, chill everyone. This time there was a little situation.”


Feeling the situation had grew relatively intense, Reifold became fl.u.s.tered, in fact it was Trent Rietta’s king who requested to borrow the power of the Darkness G.o.d Corps. As Vermeer began to explanation.


“Wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to be on Fonclanc’s side? Why are you moving according to Trent Rietta.”

“To say for Trent Rietta, more so, it would actually benefit Fonclanc.”


“If the Darkness G.o.d Corps were to partic.i.p.ate in this it will become beneficial to Fonclanc?”

“Simply put, it’s that sort of thing.”


Reifold began to explain that by allowing the Darkness G.o.d Crops to spearhead the current situation and solve it, which Trent Rietta had agreed upon, it will further increase the fame of Fonclanc.


But the fact that he used the wind illusion technique on Yuusuke was something that couldn’t be overlooked. Yuusuke scratched his head as he told his subordinates that “the illusion technique that was just cast” didn’t feel dangerous, while they were still looking cautious and alert.


“It can’t be….did you use it on me during that time in the forest?”

“No, at that time I didn’t use it.”


In truth, he was lost and had consulted the girl right? As he looked towards Sun and turned to Reifold. Catching onto Yuusuke’s sight, Sun immediately reacted and showed a face that she did not see Reifold the other time.


“Fumu….but, this kind of method was it approved by Violet’s dad?”

“You have poked on a painful part.”


If Violet were to hear about this she would definitely flare up for Yuusuke, Reifold who knew this was showing a bitter smile. It seems that there were some other kinds of circ.u.mstances behind it.


“Ng, if the Darkness G.o.d Crops by themselves could do something about the current Magical Beast Facilities blockade, there will be quite a number of benefits.”

“What do you mean?”


“King Esvobus values your strength and existence.”


While listening to him, Yuusuke and the gang were questioning, “is this King Esvobus’s idea?” As they felt shaken by it. Everyone believed that Reifold was currently doing a special mission for the king, as it was a dangerous mission, and there were plans to interfere with the matter of the modded beasts, it was then judged that there was a “limited time”.


King Esvobus evaluated on the various promising ways, and he came to the conclusion of infiltrating the surrounding countries. He took the necessary measures, while also being a bit hesitant, making the Virtuous King known for also being a sly fox, within and outside the country.


If the Darkness G.o.d Corp’s captain were to be involved with the magical beast incident by his own will and if they were KIA, then the King would not evacuate the citizens under the pretext that he did not give the order, he would do what he normally does and rally up the citizens by using, “the brave hero had perished under the dangerous magical beast.”


Reifold had to follow up in order to wipe away the doubt in the heart of the Darkness G.o.d Corp members who had suspicions. Yuusuke who seem to be lost, puzzledly looked towards everyone else.


“Now that you have received those words, the King would like to leave the judging to the Darkness G.o.d Corps.”

“Then why….didn’t you just give us a direct order of a mission instead?”


Shaheed who initially questioned Reifold looked towards Isotta who was still being cautious by his illusion technique and began laughing at his surrender post while speaking frankly.


To inform the cooperation with the current magical beast facilities blockade to homeland. And King Esvobus approves of it. With the current state of things, the Darkness G.o.d Corps would help lessen the burden of the Trent Rietta’s army.


King Khafre expresses his thanks to Fonclanc and declared a friendship of the two countries, followed by a military alliance.


In order to blockade the area near the magical beast facilities without resulting in any casualties and the monitoring of the scattered magical beasts on 2 of the highways connecting to Gazzetta and Trent Rietta, the army had established a base.


Behind the scenes, Trent Rietta and Fonclanc’s trade restriction through the highway blockade will be lifted in the near future with the aim to slowly chip away the power of Gazzetta. As of now, it is difficult to contain and maintain against an invasion from Gazzetta’s army forces.


By using this modded beast incident, it allowed Fonclanc and Trent Rietta to move without being suspected upon.


“Also, in order to allow Yuusuke to be involved in such dangerous work, they had to maneuver Princess Violet to look the other way.”


This is to hide King Esvobus’s scheme and to justify that the Darkness G.o.d Corps had operated by themselves.


“I’m sorry to have offended the lady’s mood with my blant explanations.”


“Well that…. one could say that’s a doting parent.”


Yuusuke was used by the King as a normal soldier would be, this time it was in the form of a “secret order”, but due to many different circ.u.mstances it could not be sent through the normal channels, thus he had Reifold do it in a roundabout way.


“In any case, even it’s for such a reason, it would be bad if we were to ignore it.”



Although Yuusuke himself doesn’t want to throw himself into danger, but since Fonclanc’s palace knights are too far to provide backup due to their position and it’s also above their paycheck, in order to go to the limits of the king ideas, they would join and cooperate with the mercenaries and adventurer group on the facilities blockade.


“Details aside, you guys are the country’s usable force.”

“The Captain hasn’t decided it.”

“Well, although I don’t like the method, we have no choice.” “So captain has already decided….”

“I will follow Yuusuke-san anytime.”


Thus that was what the Darkness G.o.d Corps members replied to Yuusuke’s decision. Since the decision has been made, they headed back to the inn and asked for an extension, next they headed to the carriage and unloaded some items, as to prepare for tomorrow’s activity.


Sorzak and Razshia will head on home first with the materials they have collected, Reifold had promised to escort them back safely to Sanc Adiet.


“I am so sorry that I cannot help with the fighting.”

“Please be careful everyone, make sure you all come home safely.”


As they were heading back home first Sorzak was fretting over it, while Razshia was praying for the safety of everyone. Thus the 2 of them woke up at dawn and together with Reifold they departed from Driadria.


Thus under a guise, the Darkness G.o.d Corps partic.i.p.ated in the magical beast facility blockade activity.



“Erm, by using a special wave length….together with wind to change the sounds fluctuation….from it, I had created a state of hypnosis.”



Strictly speaking, this wind art requires a reduction in noise to the surroundings and needs to maintain good control over it, as its effect is greater than other kinds of divine arts, as Isotta explained.


“The point is that it enters through the ears by playing some secret sound tune. But will it work against filters?”


As Isotta began explaining her “illusion wind”’s properties, Yuusuke began to create  anti-measure against it on their uniforms.

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