Chapter 89

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Xia Xingchen couldn't think about that. It took her ten minutes to help him wash his hands carefully. She carried him out of the bathroom. But now Xia Xingchen couldn't find Bai Yeqing in the living room.

She looked around and noticed his shoes were gone.

"Did Little Bai leave?"

"Well, I suppose." Xia Xingchen replied softly. Carrying the kid into his bedroom, she covered him gently with a blanket.

She then subconsciously went to the door, opened it and looked outside. There's no one in the corridor. She couldn't help looking outside the window. His car was not there anymore.

It seemed that he's really gone.

Xia Xingchen felt upset. Somehow she found herself ridiculous.

She tried not to think about it. Closing the door,  she sat down on the sofa to clear up the stuff they just bought in the supermarket. Suddenly she noticed the stuff on the table.

There were two things left on it. Band-aids and scar gel.


Xia Xingchen was deeply touched. Looking at the injured finger and her ankle, she felt warm inside. Apparently he bought those band-aids in the supermarket but she had no idea when he did it.

She put a band-aid over the cut and smeared her ankle with the gel.

She laid down on her bed after was.h.i.+ng. Xia Dabai was asleep. Feeling she came, he moved his head into her arms. Xia Xingchen hugged him tightly and turned off the light.

"Dabao, did Little Bai really leave?"


"Are you sure you won't go back?" He whispered in a low voice. She could hardly hear him.

 "Yes." She answered softly.

"What if Little Bai feels lonely on his own?"

 "Just sleep. Don't worry. You still have cla.s.s tomorrow." Xia Xingchen tapped him slightly.

 He fell asleep soon. But she couldn't.


The next day…

Xia Xingchen cooked him a big meal. They couldn't eat them up.

Xia Dabai sighed. "I wish Little Bai is here. He can help us finish this."

Xia Xingchen didn't think so. How could the president get used to what they eat for breakfast?

Xia Xingchen took him to wash his hands. But the faucet broke and water splashed over both of them. Dabai sighed again. "If Little Bai is here, he could fix it."

Xia Xingchen knew what Dabai was planning by talking about Little Bai all the time.

She brought a towel and pretended to be angry. "If you say that name once more, you go to live with him and never come back."

Xia Dabai stopped. "You two are no good parents."


On the other side.

Yu Zenan had just come back to the country and didn't want to get out of the bed. But his brother Yu Zeyao was mad. He just called him and wanted to see him in ten minutes. How dare he sleep? He woke up immediately and changed his clothes, drove there in his sports car.

Yu Zeyao was smoking in front of the window when Yu Zenan walked into the office. Though Yu Zenan lost the election, he's still one of the most powerful person in this country. And he's always the man who can compete with Bai Yeqing.

"Brother, what's going on? Why do you wake me up?" Yu Zenan sat on the sofa and twisted himself, trying to find a good position to continue his sleep.

Yu Zeyao turned around and saw his lazy brother. "Sit up!"

Yu Zenan did so.

"Have you met Xia Xingchen recently?" Yu Zeyao asked.

Hearing this name, he felt kind of relaxed. "No, I spent half a month in the Philippines. How could I meet her?" Yu Zenan shook his head.

Yu Zeyao pointed at him directly. "You told me you can get her. You promised. How's it going?"

"Well, I'm working on it. What are you worrying about? You have never been in a relations.h.i.+p, so you don't know how to woo a woman. You have to slow down. No rush. Or you will lose her."

What he said did hurt Yu Zeyao. He loved a girl terribly that he himself thought there must be something wrong with him. No matter what he did, she wouldn't change her mind. How could he condescend for a woman? He had already lost his face.

"Slow down!" With a groan he exclaimed. "The result of slowing down is losing her! She's taken?"

"By whom?" Yu Zenan thought for a while. "Her first love? That guy? I thought that guy was engaged."

Yu Zeyao took a paper bag out of his drawer. "Look!"

"If it was that guy, you don't have to worry. He's not a strong…enemy." The last word squeezed from his mouth.

Looking at the photo, he thought his eyes deceived him. He was completely shocked.

"Is this photo produced by Photoshop?"

This was apparently a candid picture. The place was on a bus. And he didn't want to talk about what they were doing.

The man with Xia Xingchen was not the first love guy at all. It was…

Bai Yeqing!

All Yu Zenan could believe was that this picture was photoshopped. But if this was really photoshopped, his brother wouldn't show it to him.

"I never thought they could…be together." Yu Zenan recovered from the huge shock. He couldn't believe Bai Yeqing was the guy and the picture was so…attractive. He had left here for only half a month. How could they come to this? They didn't even know each other when they encountered on the court.

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