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If you are looking for -1 Dad's Superhero List! you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Loyal Patron.


Rizvan Caukwell





New Recruits to Patron


Kenny Chan

My Greatest Life Saver.

Possesed -I want to Know your Name in the comment section.

Rizvan Caukwell -I want to Know your Name in the comment section.

Daniel Hezari A.k.a (DrowsyDan)

Fabian Vasquez -I want to Know your Name in the comment section.

Rapid_SLaughteR1 - I want to Know your Name in the comment section.

These people helped me a lot when I had some financial crisis, I was doing this novel to share and thank my readers for the continued support, but I didn't think I`ll earn something out of it.

I don't want to form a contract to provide you guys with all of my novel's free chapter instead of a paid one.

The support that you`ve given me, you readers, donators, commentators, reviewers. and review defenders are so much appreciated.

Reviewers though ( Only the great reviews, not attacks, the ones that provided great aid in helping me improve my novel, not the ones that kept belittling me and striking at me without a stop, wanting me to improve but not finishing the story.)

At some points, I wanted to stop, but seeing your comments, your laugh at my chapters, your inspirational "Hey, it is she, not a he" comments that made me see my faults and changed it, the ones providing me with ideas.

I, the Author of this novel sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let us finish this.

"I`ll continue the novel, but posts the edited version somewhere else, don't ask where, as it is bad, hahaha, but I`ll definitely post it on my patreon afterward."

And, I want to sell it as a book first too, and if It was sold well, I`ll then post it to that other website.

Thank you for the continued support everyone, I hope you all a great year, and more years to come!

Another Sincere thanks from the Author of this Novel.


BTw, I`m a real Father :D

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