102 Pill Refined

If you are looking for 102 Pill Refined you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Lin Xuan's face flashed a hint of surprise, but was immediately relieved.

He's very knowledgeable among Low-Rank cultivators, but it's the first time he's seen a Spirit Tool of the Defensive Attribute. In a sense, this Spirit Tool is more valuable than the offensive nature.

Do not learn how beat people, first learn how to be beaten.

The words from secular world of martial arts are equally applicable in the Immortal world. But the methods of cultivators are actually more dangerous. If you don't pay attention, you won't be able to take five steps before your head gets removed.

So before the fight, both sides will ready their, Spiritual Qi Barriers, Defense Talismans, and their Spirit Tools and so on.

Otherwise, no matter how good your cultivation is, or how exquisite your spell is, once the opponent comes over, and you don't have any protection, you'll be as good as dead.

According to the st.u.r.diness of defense, the defense of a Spirit Tool is the strongest, and cultivators eagerly rush for them, but in addition to a Top Grade Spirit Tool that can bring its own Barrier, the other grades of the Spirit Tool are relatively simple.

Relatively speaking, it's harder to refine a defensive Spirit Tool, so it is not surprising that Lin Xuan has not seen it.

But after thinking about it, here is the You Prefecture, where the level of cultivators is higher. The other party also has the cultivation base of Spirit Condensation Stage Great Perfection. So it's not outrageous for him to have a defensive Spirit Tool.

Lin Xuan turned these thoughts like a flash of lightning in his mind, his hand didn't stop. Seeing those fire-b.a.l.l.s being blocked by a Spirit Tool, he also made a Secret Art like sign.

Divided into two, two in four, four in eight, the Yin-yang pattern in the sky began to change, it's shape became a little smaller, but it's numbers multiplied.

There was no more rain like fire pouring from inside, but a red light column was ejected.

Tan Ming's complexion turned a bit dark, and he held his hand together, and then pointed at the cloth on the top of his head. The Spirit Tool suddenly turned into the shape of a sphere, and wrapped around him.

Anyways, he's also a Cultivator of Spirit Condensation Stage Great Perfection. At this moment, Tan Ming has seen that it's an Array Talisman. It's different from array flags and the others. The Array Talisman uses much less energy.

As things stand now, even if the other party isn't in a critical moment. It's still very difficult for him to act. He can only split up a little Spiritual Qi to drive the Formation. After Array Talisman's energy is exhausted, he can kill him and steal his treasures.

His expression, was seen by Lin Xuan with his Spiritual Sense, Lin Xuan flicked his wrist, and there was another Talisman in the palm of his hand.

This character is slightly larger than an ordinary one, with a vivid bird like pattern on it.

Beast Talisman!

Level-One Top Grade Spirit Beast, it's Spiritual Powers is equivalent to a Cultivator of the Spirit Condensation Stage Great Perfection. The Soaring Heaven Bird in a talisman of a Spirit Beast that failed to advance, and it's power is even better. It should be no problem to eliminate this foolish guy.

Lin Xuan injects Spiritual Qi into the Talisman.

With a clear tweet, Beast-Soul Talisman burst into a strong light, and a huge monster with three eyes and one claw appeared.

"Go! " Lin Xuan directed the Soaring Heaven Bird.

At the same time, outside the Cave Mansion.

Countless red beams of light fell down like raindrops, and Tan Ming injected Spiritual Qi into the Spirit Tool, struggling to resist. However, his expression is very confident.

The other party launched such a fierce attack and wanted to kill him. He must have a guilty conscience. As long as this attack is carried out and the energy of the Array Talisman was exhausted, he could breakthrough the Formation and rush into the Cave Mansion to clean up the mess.

Imagining that the cultivator inside is very likely to be Foundation Establishment Stage Expert, but because his cultivation is at a critical juncture. Unable to do anything, and can only let himself be slaughtered. Tan Ming felt a malicious trill in his heart.

"Just need to hold on for a while." Tan Ming said to himself in his heart, sticking out his tongue, licking his mouth, and emitting sinister and greedy light in his eyes.

Suddenly, a clear tweet was sounded into his ear. The darkness of the sky was broken by a bit. A huge, strange, three-eyed bird rushed toward Tan Ming.

"What is this?" Feeling the powerful Spiritual Power wave from the strange bird, Tan Ming complexion changed greatly. This pressure, this momentum, is comparable to a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage.

Looking at the other person's horrified expression, Lin Xuan sneered, and took a black little scorpion from his arms. In time, a miserable Yin Wind blew, and dozens of fierce Ghosts emerged from Hundred Soul Streamer.


Lin Xuan directed the Yin Ghosts, but with the Yin-yang Array and Soaring Heaven Bird, it was enough to kill his foe. However, the Beast Talisman's energy lessens. The other party is in the Spirit Condensation Stage Great Perfection, and Lin Xuan didn't want to waste the Beast Talisman. So he also called the Yin Ghosts from the Hundred Soul Streamer.

Listening to the cultivator's stunned and angry voice, Lin Xuan's expression was calm, and it was not difficult to kill a cultivator of the same order, with his current cultivation base and Treasures.

People die for wealth, birds die for food. Since greed moved him, he can only die.

Lin Xuan refocused his attention to the pill, and took out a Earth fire Talisman from his arms…

half an hour later.

In the Cave Mansion, a fragrant scent burst out, and Lin Xuan showed a hint of Happiness on his face, but it was quickly replaced by solemnity.

Now is the key moment of Pill Refining. He can't hesitate. After a moment of indulgence, Lin Xuan took out the Jade Snow Cord. Spiritual Qi was constantly injected into it. Soon, a group of pure white flames appeared in the air.

Innate Fire!

It can only be used by Foundation Establishment Stage Experts, but with the Top Grade Spirit Tool, Lin Xuan can barely use it, but it consumes a lot of Spiritual Qi and can't be supported for a long time.

Compared to Earth Fire, Spiritual Qi's Innate Fire is more suitable for Alchemy.

Now that it's the key to the success of Top Grade Essence Purifying Pill, and Lin Xuan naturally has to give it a go.

Outputting Spiritual Qi and releasing the Innate Fire, also while keeping check on the heat, after half an hour, there was loud bang, Spiritual Qi scattered, and even the lid of Cauldron was blasted off.

When this change happened, Lin Xuan did not worry about it, but also didn't care about his fatigue. He released a white light from his hand, and directed it into the Cauldron, receiving something.

Full of fragrance, looking at the medicine pill in front of him, Lin Xuan raised his eyebrows, the color and the fragrance are exactly the same as those recorded in the ancient books. Even the surface of the medicine pill emitted a white light. The legend aren't false, this pill is really remarkable.

Lin Xuan took a closer look at the Essence Purifying Pill and Cauldron carefully, then sat down with Lotus Position and held a Spirit Stone in his hands to replenish his Spiritual Qi.

Unlike absorbing Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, being supplemented by Spirit Stone much faster, within a quarter of an hour, Lin Xuan's Spiritual Qi has been refilled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The two middle grade Spirit Stones also lost their l.u.s.ter, and Lin Xuan smiled and came out of the Cave Mansion.

The energy of the Yin-yang has nearly been consumed. The Soaring Heaven Bird did not look too good. Lin Xuan is a bit surprised. It seems that the strength of the uninvited guest is better than he imagined.

But no matter what, he has fallen, and this corpse is Tan Ming's body.

Lin Xuan stretched out his finger and gently touched it. Suddenly, a translucent Soul floated out of the body and stared at the smiling teenager with a look of horror: "Fellow Daoist be merciful, you misunderstood, and this Daoist intentions are indeed not malicious! "

"Oh, still want to lie?"

"I beg you, let me go, my body is ruined, only my soul is left, I'm too pitiful!"

Lin Xuan's expression is indifferent, and no matter how the other party pleaded, he was not moved. It's not that he's heartless, but to cut the gra.s.s and to not remove the roots. The spring breeze blows again, if he's kind to the enemy, then he's cruel to himself.

Lin Xuan doesn't want to leave a hidden danger for the future because of his thoughts.

He took the Hundred Soul Streamer out.

"Demonic Artifact?"

His Yin Soul screamed and tried to escape, but surrounded by the Yin-yang Array, he was like a fly in a cage.

Demonic Bog escaped from the Hundred Soul Streamer and sucked in the Yin Soul…

The black light flashed, and the Yin Qi of Hundred Soul Streamer was thicker. Lin Xuan nodded after he added a cultivator Soul. The power of Hundred Soul Streamer increased a little.

Lin Xuan certainly does not take the initiative to kill, but does not mind using the enemy's Soul to increase the power of his Demonic Artifact.

According to the Demonic Art book, this thing is a growing magical treasure, that is to say, with the increasingly absorbing of Souls, it's power will become stronger and stronger.

Cleaning up the mess, Lin Xuan turned his head and looked at Cave Mansion, I should not stay here for long.

Fortunately, today it was a Low-Rank's Cultivator. If it's a Foundation Establishment Stage Expert, the consequences are unimaginable. Although it's shocking, it also sounds an alarm for Lin Xuan, immortal cultivation, is taken step by step, and must not be disturbed. Want to hit bottleneck, then look for a safer place.


Lin Xuan stretched out his fingers and pointed at the Soaring Heaven Bird. The beast soul turned into a flaming Talisman and fell into the hands of Lin Xuan. Then he swiped the cultivator's storage ring. Lin Xuan is not lacking any Spirit Stones for the time being, but Spirit Tools, especially of the Defensive Attribute, are exactly what he needs.

Then Lin Xuan took out the Flying Sword, and a brilliant light flashed. With a loud bang, the whole mountain collapsed and turned into a pile of gravel.

No traces of cultivators practicing here was found, he also buried Tan Ming's body. Lin Xuan nodded with satisfaction and turned into a blue light, disappearing into the horizon.

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