114 Chapter 114 : Thank You

If you are looking for 114 Chapter 114 : Thank You you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . half an hour later, various foods were arranged at the table in the room. lily's room was indeed vvip with a sofa and a table next to his bed. kai arrange food on a plate, and order ice lemon tea, Lily's favorite.

Kai knows lily's favorite food and drink, but the food ordered now is food for patients who are healthy and good for the stomach, lily does not question it and eat it.

a few moments later there was a knock, Lily answered so that the person entered and it was Randy Oriel.

there was a fake smile on her face when she saw randy.

"go in and eat," said Lily cheerfully.

randy entered awkwardly while carrying a bouquet of lily flowers.

"You're okay?" asked Randy who seemed to not believe what he saw.

Kai just fell silent, seeing Randy in the room.

"i'm okay" Lily said while giving the plate to the randy so he would come along to eat too. the food served by kai is indeed very much.

"Are you familiar?" lily asked seeing the two men awkward.

"No, I don't know him?" Kai said quickly.

lily nodded, which is also possible.

"Then introduce me to my fake boyfriend Randy Oriel" said Lily.

"and this is my businessman friend," said Lily, introducing her ex-fiance and her future husband, as a business partner.

Kai glanced at the lily looking to say something but it didn't. Kai and Randy shake hands briefly.

"Can you borrow your cellphone? , my cellphone is out of battery" said Lily begging to Randy, of course Randy immediately gave her cellphone.

lily just redial cellphone randy, and called someone.

then there was a call from Kai's phone, Kai grabbed the phone and saw who was calling.

Kai's expression turned tense.

"why? pick up the phone" Lily said with a smile.

Randy saw Kai's tense face glancing at him, turning pale after realizing what had happened. "I'm waiting for you, pick up my phone, Kai" Lily said with a cynical smile.

Kai claimed that Lily was using a cellphone Randy. "h.e.l.lo Lily, how are you ?" asked Kai, smiling at Lily.

"fine, and you? " said Lily with sneering smile. someone who told Kai was Randy, Lily had expected it.

"Then I'm still you friend, isn't it?" asked Kai, looking relieved. they are still on the phone while on the other hand, their conversation can also be heard by Randy. Randy's face changed when Lily see him now. so scare!

"No, no friend anymore, you both not are my friends" said Lily, they both work together to lie to lily and take her heart.

Lily's eyes glared at Randy Oriel who was sitting opposite her, Lily returned her handphone to Randy.

Kai was just silent waiting for Lily to be angry with he, she knew Lily playing the fist before thinking. Kai thinks Lily will grab randy angrily and drag he out of this room.

"thank you, randy." Lily said while looking seriously at Randy. both Kai and Randy looked surprised not to believe, this girl was say that.

"thank you for helping save Marie and acting as my boyfriend all this time," said Lily, thanking he again.

"only a few people know, that my body cannot die. But I don't think my organ can be taken and donated to someone else. This is the first time for me that blessing I am crazy rich now, therefore I thank you for giving my information to your boss" said Lily while drinking the lemon ice.

"He is not my boss, he is my brother" said Randy, smiling thinly, not normally.

"and the sister you saved is our sister" said Randy. Lily sees Randy's face and Kai, not similar. just like Lily and Maria, the siblings are not similar too. so the lily said nothing about this.

"You deserve to approach me, did you see me being hit by a car and not die?" Lily asked remembering her first meeting with Randy.

"Right, I investigated you while in the hospital. The doctor examined you and there was an oddity that your breath should stop at that time, but then your cells and organs heal by themselves." said Randy, remembering the incident.

"At that time I thought it might be possible to cure Seira, my young sister from heart disease all this time."

Lily listened quietly to Randy's words, even someone she thought had become she closest friend and she future husband together work to fooled her into getting her organ to save they sister, they are not bad men but big brothers who are too fond of their younger sister.

Lily opened her palms, and bent her pinkie one.

"If you think I can't die, you are wrong" said Lily, bending her fingers in her hand like counting something. "I can also die, but not in the normal way like humans."

Randy and Kai were silent hearing the words of Lily.

'because I already sold my soul devil' Lily continued her words silently.

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