18 When Was The Last Time They Kissed?

If you are looking for 18 When Was The Last Time They Kissed? you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Ryn changed into her comfortable sweatshirt and jeans. She tied her hair and put on the cap. Then she went to the kitchen to retrieve the chocolate cakes she prepared earlier. In a bag was a Tupperware of extra ganache which Angel demanded.

With those boxes, she walked slowly to the next door. She used her nose to press the bell, grinning at her own antic. If only Mei Li saw her right now, this manager of hers would cry in shock. No one rang the bell using nose and she just used it as her hands were full.

"Chocolate cake!" was all she heard before the boxes were taken by the happy Angel. She shook her head in disbelief. Trust Angel only cared about the chocolate cake rather than being happy to see her. Must be too starving now and Harry refused to serve before she arrived.

These two were so funny. He didn't seem like Angel's nephew with Angel acting more like Harry's niece instead.

"You're here," Harry greeted while holding two plates of steak.

Unconsciously Ryn licked her lips at the sight of the steak. Harry really knew how to make the perfect steak. He even made his own black pepper sauce and whipped potato. Lucky for Angel and lucky for her as well, being a neighbour of Angel and could eat steak every time Harry made for Angel.

Harry chuckled. These two women were so alike but they did not notice it at all. They both looked like hungry wolfs right now, eyeing the steak hungrily.

"Let's have dinner," he announced loudly.

"Finally," Angel muttered, already taking out one of the cakes and placed it on a plate.

Harry and Ryn shared a smile.


Jeremy parked the car right in front of Ryn's house. He checked his hair and face and nodded. He reached for his phone and got out of the car. He had booked the restaurant.

His finger tapped the gate as he tried to look inside the house. The door was closed tightly. Even the windows were shut close. Was she still sleeping?

He scrolled for her name and called. The phone rang twice, three times but no one answered. He frowned.

He tried again.

And again.

And again.

Finally, she answered the phone.

He smiled.

"What?" her cold voice couldn't even put a damp on his excitement.

"Let's have dinner together? I'm in front of your house."


Instead of the door of her house being opened, the door next door was flung open. At first, he ignored it but he caught something from the corner of his eyes.

What a minute…

His head turned and his eyes widened seeing her, his Catherine, walking hurriedly toward her.

"Ryn?" What are you doing there?

"You… What are you doing here?" She pulled him toward his car, glancing back to ensure none of the crews saw him here. It would land them into a scandal if one of them saw him here.

Last night show had already turned them into a so-called 'the perfect couple' and 'the dream couple' or worst 'the match made in heaven'. She did not want the rumour to be blown out of proportion.

There was nothing between them. The past was just past. There was no use for them to make it even worse by trying to reminisce it.

"What are you doing in that house?" He couldn't hide the jealousy in his voice.

Ryn rolled her eyes.

She remembered receiving that kind of tone when they were just starting their relationship. He couldn't see her talking with another boy without thinking that the boy trying to steal her from him. It made her feel suffocated but she did not think much, simply allowing him to control her, especially when this was her first relationship. He was her first and she thought would be the last. But…

"What are you doing here? Aren't you afraid reporters will see you?" she questioned back, trying to push him into the car.

"What are you trying to hide?" he was getting more suspicious when she kept pushing him toward the car. Was she spending time with another man?

"There are TV crews next door," she hissed, glancing worriedly at Angel's house.

"Then follow me."

Sighing a heavy sigh, Ryn mumbled about her steaks, which made Jeremy's face darkened. Was she trying to make excuse?

"I'll tell them first," she murmured weakly and went to Angel's house to inform them. It was better for her to just follow his whim. It's better for everyone.

"What? You have to leave now?" Angel's eyes widened. Her arms unconsciously reached for the chocolate cake, afraid that Ryn would take it back.

"Do you want to bring these back?" Harry asked, already standing up to take a Tupperware from the kitchen.

"Can I?"

"Sure. Why not?" Harry quickly took her food and brought them back to the kitchen. He did not think much of why Ryn had to leave so quickly.

Jeremy narrowed his eyes suspiciously seeing how his Ryn holding a big container and a smaller container. He wanted to follow her into the house but receiving her warning glare, he stayed put at his car. Who made those for her?

He was about to ask the question when she returned but the frown on her face made him held his tongue. Later. Right now he should focus on winning her heart back.

"Where are we going?" she asked as she pulled the seat belt. She did not even bother changing her clothes. Why should she? She was not the one asking him to bring her out.

"Somewhere you like," he replied, trying hard to squash the anger from receiving such cold treatment. What was she being so stubborn? She belonged to him, in the past, present and in the future.

"Whatever." She closed her eyes and prepared to sleep. Her stomach was growling in hunger. Remembering the delicious steak in the fridge made her even hungrier. Stupid Jeremy with his stupid idea. Why couldn't he leave her alone?

"We're here." He couldn't stop from caressing her cheek. She looked like an angel when she was sleeping. He unbuckled his seat belt and leaned forward.

How long had it been for their last kiss?

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