193 Our Love Story- 07: Now, This Is The Night To Remember!

If you are looking for 193 Our Love Story- 07: Now, This Is The Night To Remember! you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Quinn left dumbfounded inside the lift. The girl suddenly gives him a cold shoulder. Did he do something that offends her?

He tried to recall everything that happens during their dinner date if that can be called a date when they don't plan for it. He just walks in and takes the empty seat across her.

Truly look so rude but he was very careful not to do something that would upset her. Also real he might take advantage because he was avoiding certain people.

Or she feels that he kind of putting a show only?

However, he did enjoy having dinner with her. He has this strange feeling of familiarity, and he showed extra sweetness and care, isn't he was obvious?

Quinn just realized that the elevator door already closes and it continues going down.

Argh, he forgets to ask her name!

How lame of him! No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend or someone he could kind of acts because he won't care on asking the name or showing little interest to a girl.

But he was sure he treats her right. He hopes he didn't put up that brother-sister atmosphere instead. Or it was what she felt and she got disappointed?

Wait-- why he was thinking this crazy thing? If Blaire would find this out, she probably either laugh or gives her a smash on the head.

Did that girl even interested in him? Besides, she was a minor for goodness sake. Quinn sighed and rested his head on the cold mirror wall of this elevator.

Meanwhile, Ca.s.sie feels that cold water poured on her spine. She dated a guy she doesn't even ask his name! Moreover, she forgets to give back his coat.

Now how she could give it back to him if people saw them having dinner together but she doesn't know his name?

Argh, how careless she was! That was dangerous! How if the guy she had dinner with is actually a serial killer? Or a s.e.x offender? How if?

My goodness. . . if that killer or offender is as handsome as him, what a girl like her better do?

Argh, she felt embarra.s.sed with her own thoughts. She shook her head and marched back towards the elevator. She looks up to see where he should be now.

Ca.s.sie presses the b.u.t.ton but the lift continued going down and it stops in floor 45 then goes down more.

Ah, she will just run it down the stairs. The other two elevators took so long to climb up on her floor.

Ca.s.sie already runs the two floors and she now began feeling exhausted. It's all because of her high stiletto but she decided to continue running down the 46th floor when her right heel left on the stairs. To her surprise, someone picks it up.

"How do you plan on running these floors wearing these heels?" Asked the guy.

She watched him stepping down from the 47th stairs then kneels on the floor to help her wear the pair heel.

"Ah, thank you. But I think, I feel more comfortable walking barefoot." She told him.

"I see. Then give me the other one."

Ca.s.sie meets his gaze. The guy waiting for her reactions. Her right left foot seems to have its own life and just lift up on its own. He gently took off her left stiletto.

What is this? Cinderella was been looking around to give her back the other pair of her gla.s.s shoes. But as for her as one of the modern Cinderella on this time, the Prince took off the other pair instead. That's funny she smirked.

"Their, you shouldn't hurt your foot like this." He commented.

"Ah, right. Am not often wearing one." She blushed. She can't explain but the beat of her heart is deafening her.

"Oh, here's your coat! I tried to catch you up to give it back to you. Thank you."

He laughs and it was s.e.xy. Maybe this is the reason why her heart beating crazily.

"Ah, don't mention it."

He told her then Quinn sits on one of the stairs. "I think, am still so full then I suddenly run." Again, he let out a couple of his s.e.xy laughs.

"Come and sit here, you must be exhausted as well," he offers the s.p.a.ce beside him. He even places his coat for her not to sit on the cold floor.

"Ah, yes. I need a quick rest before I go back to my suite." Ca.s.sie sits on then pushes the few strands of her hair and tuck it in behind her ear.

Quinn stared at her without blinking. He was entranced by her innocent beauty. Quinn shook his head.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for being a jerk the whole time." He began.

Ca.s.sie was a bit confused. "Huh? About what?"

"Ah, I haven't introduced myself and asked your name yet."

"Oh, right. Same here," she giggles. "Haven't in my mind either." Ca.s.sie smiled at him brightly.

Quinn felt his heart jump out of his heart. It throbs like that time one year ago.

"Shun by the way," Quinn stretched his hand.

Ca.s.sie stared at his hand. "Ah, Shun Crow."

"Ah, okay. Ca.s.sie Young, will my friends call me. My name is kind of long." She chuckles.

"Hmm. . . Ca.s.sie as in, Ca.s.sandra?"

"Hum!" She nods.

"I like it. It's beautiful."

Ca.s.sie blushed. She used to receive praises on her name but hearing the compliment from Shun, she felt her face is flus.h.i.+ng.

"Thank you."

They exchange a few more conversations then Ca.s.sie decided to go back. Quinn escorted her and while taking the stairs, they continued talking and they didn't notice that they already pa.s.sed the 50th. After realizing they were on the 51st floor, they both laughing hard while going down the next floor where Ca.s.sie's suite is. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They stop on the exit door and bid goodbyes.

"Am, thank you again. Here is your coat before I forget again," she giggles. "Sorry, it got dirty now."

"No problem, you are very welcome. Here are your shoes."

"Oh. . ." she laughs shyly. Shun has been carrying it while they took the stairs.

"Goodnight, Shun, thank you very much for tonight."

"Ah, don't mention it. Am the one who should say that, thank you."

"Goodnight, Ca.s.sandra."

Quinn opens the door and Ca.s.sandra entered on it. He watches her walk on the Hallway and take the East direction.

Quinn climb up another floor and he gets out from there then took an elevator towards his office, the top floor of this hotel building.

Quinn was a bit surprised to see Daichi who's resting his back outside the elevator walling corner.

"Ahem! Good evening, Director Shun Crow." Daichi teases him.

Quinn's mouth dropped open. How did this guy--? Ah, of course, as expected to his Security Director.

"Shut up."

He walks past him and he heard his annoying laughs.

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