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Everyone felt the vibration...

Roar and scream! Citizens are punching and kicking, clearly trying to kill the guards!

The young captain is shocked by it and can't even think straight!

'WHAT IN THE h.e.l.l IS GOING!!! AN ENEMY ATTACK! but it's our own people attacking us! is it a coup d'etat!!! Not possible, maybe the Lady in the red is behind all of this madness.' The young captain's thought is very chaotic but he manages to calm down after a few seconds the moment he remembers the lady in red.

The Captain's expression turned angry as he tried to find the woman who caused this.

He tried to look over it but the place was very chaotic.

He saw the guards' formation was broken because of panic.

'Do we need to first try to retreat in the garrison, but even if we successfully retreated, what about the duke and fire guardian, so we need to do first is to find the b*tch!' The young captain expression cold but the b*tch is already gone! So we must a.s.sist the Fire Guardian and the duke to evacuate.'

"Men! form our formation!" the young captain roared! And the once panic-stricken guards suddenly calmed down, when they heard their superior roar.

He and the guards suddenly made a phoenix formation! In the front is the captain within his right hand is a battle ax tightly grip and his back is a freaking tomahawk.

"We must save the Duke and the guardian! Men! Let us charge out of this encirclement!" the young captain roared!

"These people are already crazy and mad! The enemy used some sinister magic to control our people, leaving us no choice but to kill our own people!" He tightly gripes ax his continued "But we need to do it! to put them out of their misery!"

'Don't worry, I will avenge all of you.' The young man's facial expression turned sorrowful for a second but he suddenly raised his ax and roared with all his might!!


The peaceful city suddenly turned into a battlefield.

'Grandfather, father. Please hold on!'


Back at the Duke's mansion.

Once a beautiful backyard turned into a mess...

"Lighting Magic: Snake Fang's" The Old Man Roared!

Suddenly thunderstruck in the form of a very long snake bearing its fangs!

Hitting a black shield!

An explosion occurred!

The shield broke like gla.s.s and beneath it, a youth in 14-15.

The youth was Zadicus, and he was. .h.i.t by the lighting!

"Argh!" Zadicus grunted as he flew.

Zadicus was flown backward! Hitting the beautiful stone walls of the mansion!

And he was penetrated through the wall!

'I am running out of mana... F*CK!' d.a.m.n it! I forget the Healing scrolls.' The old man thought as he is now feeling dizzy. He was too preoccupied, what a rookie mistake this is!! As the old man unceasingly curses himself inside his head.

'Looks like I needed to go back to my office,' he thought

'But what happened to the civilians? Why did everyone suddenly started yelling!' The old man was currently extremely anxious right now, especially when he heard the entire city suddenly roar and run towards the garrison...

Why did these people suddenly run towards the garrison...

'And it looks like Merl is fighting someone.'

when he felt the surge of heat from the distance

"Looks like I am too old now..." The old man muttered when he felt he is losing his strength...As he remembers his past...

--- Flashback

When he was 8 years old, forced to do manual labor, but his thirst for knowledge was never quenched and being always beaten up when he was being caught in the city library by the guards, Thankfully he managed to learn and read thanks to the kind librarian and unexpectedly that librarian made him as his student and he accepted it and his teacher opened a path for him, especially when he found out he had a rare const.i.tution when he was 8, and teach him for 6 years, and when he was 14 years, He took his master's suggestion, that he join the army, After that his master mysteriously disappeared... He wanted to find him but when he saw a letter in his bed.

*I'll be going now and I will never be coming back, and if you wanted to find me. Please don't, I am maybe already dead by now the moment you read this. If you wanted to express your grat.i.tude to me, Live your life to the fullest, my stupid student.*

"I never knew your real name, teacher," he muttered as he gripped his hands and a small drop of tears came out of his right eye.

After 5 years in the army, he gradually saved up a sufficient amount of money to buy a cheap house in a city. He indeed bought a suitable house and he put his sister in there...

Another 6 years, he slowly climbs his way to the top, until he becomes the youngest general in the history of Esnad, 25 years old when he became general... His t.i.tle, "The Lighting Cobra of Esnad..."

The fastest man in Esnad, Fought many wars for Esnad.

He was married to a daughter of the king. He became the Duke of Willsden at the age of 30...

His sister was married to one of his brothers-in-arms... Later got pregnant but that comrade died in war... His sister was devasted and affected the birth of the child... And later her sister died...

He raised the child like his son... because the child was born prematurely and his const.i.tution was weak... Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He gave more attention to him than his own two children... Of course, the others are jealous because of the special treatment. So they occasionally bullied him forcing him out of the mansion...

The Duke was helpless and even his wife was jealous... saying, "How come you chose him more than your own children!"

He then later pacified his wife, saying, "I am very sorry, my beloved wife, it's just that he is the son of my dead sister, I promised that I will take care of him..."

"But at least give your own children some attention." His wife walked out and later that day, She gave him a cold shoulder for a few days...

and then he tried to become a good father his wife wanted him to be, but he didn't forget to take care of his nephew...

As he grew older, his wife died because of an illness, causing his hair to turn white overnight because of heartache and sorrow and but he toughened his heart and he remembered that he still had his two sons and a nephew to take care of...

His firstborn was a very outstanding warrior, Born to fight... He had these outstanding fighting capabilities... He even fought 100 men on himself without using healing potions or scrolls...

But the problem was that he was a battle maniac. He didn't manage to get married because he was always on the battlefield or in his free time. He was always training, so the father argued with him almost all the time, give him a grandchild, but Firstborn will just say "I am a very sorry father, I don't think I am ready for marriage..." WHAT THE F*CK! NOT READY FOR MARRIAGE!! Y ARE YOU BEING A WUSSY!!!!

His father almost puke of blood because of anger! If you didn't want to find a wife!! I will find you one!

He ordered his men to secretly watch his son! To investigate if his son had a woman in his eyes but his men didn't find any... His son's companions were all male...

'What if my son was not interested in women..... instead.... he is interested in men!!' NO!!!! THE DUKE ROARED! Suddenly rushing towards his Son's training ground, beating him all up saying, "I will turn you into a man!! He then ordered his men "MEN!! GO SEARCH THE ENTIRE CITY!! I WANT YOU TO FIND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND VIRGIN GIRLS YOU CAN FIND, AND BRING THEM OVER HERE!!!

His men were helpless and they were conflicted... If they did follow the duke's order, what do you think will be the consequences but realizing that the Duke was crazy mad, they waited for him to calm down a bit, and let him beat his son to a pulp...

Eventually, the old man calmed down and realized that he said an outrageous order and he was not embarra.s.sed about it but he was disappointed with his son...

"Son, are you gay?" The old man disappointedly asked his son.

His son didn't look at his father's eyes... The Duke was helpless, what a disappointment and shame. The duke let out a depressed sigh after a while...

He walked towards his office and didn't say anything to his son... 'Son, for you to be gay is something I can't ever accept.'

After that, the Duke pretty much ignored him for the next following days...

The Secondborn is different from the firstborn, he got his father's addiction to knowledge... but the problem is that he is anti-social, he was not like his elder brother, who was very sociable (to men)...

He was always in his studies and doesn't like to talk to any people... He was very cold to everyone even to his family, but at least he was very obedient to his father... If his father said him to train, he will just quietly follow his order without much complaint. His life was very much like, study books in the morning, eat, after that, he will train again... so his father didn't much disturb him, because he was very much obedient, but when his father asks him to be more sociable like his elder brother, he always failed, he was very awkward, always radiating this cold aura surrounding him, causing the people not to get close to him. Additionally especially when he was first put to battle, at first you could see the nervous expression on his face, and when he got his first kill, he thought that he would be disgusted but it felt different and he tried what is the problem to him, and then, he started to think that killing is fun! as he kills more. The feeling is being much!! the excitement! The sound of blood being splattered around.

He didn't feel disgusted when he thought he would be.

He thought that his elder brother's addiction to fight was because of this, but of course he was wrong, yes his brother was addicted to fighting, but he was not very fond of killing, he preferred duels and other fights that don't involve much of killing.

The duke was very shocked at his son's performance! If his firstborn was born to fight!

His secondborn was born to kill!!! You could see that the firstborn control of his power is very well and restrained, you could feel that he is very calm on the surface, but his aura was full of battle intent!

The second born was different! Very unrestrained and full of killing intent radiating on the entire battlefield!

His expression is calm too, but you will feel his aura was very hair-raising and oppressive!!

Even his older brother and the duke felt suppressed by his aura!

"Oh merciful G.o.ddess, where did I go wrong?" he muttered as both of his sons was not really that normal.

His first son is gay, he didn't deny that and his second born is bloodthirsty one, that's why he ordered him not to kill anyone under special circ.u.mstances. The second born was confused and indignant, but he just obediently nodded.

He then asked both of his sons.

"Can any of you find a girl to get married to and give me a grandchild? I am pretty much old now." He felt helpless.

He didn't want his bloodline to lose just because of this.'Flora, I hope you are watching over us, I felt helpless about this matter." He had this depressing expression.

The firstborn didn't look into his father's eyes, but the second born calmly looked at his father's face.

After a long silence, the firstborn spoke. "Father, I am very sorry, I was not someone you want me to be but I will still follow my heart." He stood up and walked out of the room without looking back.

but his father said something.

"You are a disgrace, I can't believe I had a son that was gay, ever since you were a boy, you didn't like to interact with girls, I thought you were just shy, but I was wrong," the father coldly said.

"What disgusting vermin!" the Duke spat venomously.

The firstborn was just about to push open the door but stop.

"Even though I am gay or someone who is interested in the same s.e.x, it doesn't make me less than a person. I still had feelings and dreams." the firstborn is trembling as he spoke.

"I still love to fight! I dreamt to be the strongest swordsman that ever lived! I will leave my name in the history books! I will become a legend!" He grips his hand so tightly it was bleeding!

"Leave! I don't want disgrace to my family! Even if you did become the strongest and leave your name history! I will never acknowledge you as my son!" the Duke coldly said.

The firstborn didn't look nor answer but instead, he opened the door and walked out...

Pretty much never came back.

The second born didn't say anything and just obediently sat there without saying anything, n.o.body knew what was inside of his head.

After a few months, unexpectedly his second born got married.

The duke was happy but as he remembers his firstborn, there is like a dagger stabbing his heart.

He ordered his men to find his trail, but to no avail, his men said that the first born most likely died or he went to another country.

"Let him be, in the end." A long silence before he continued. "It was his life, I wish for the merciful G.o.ddess to forgive him and lead him in the right path." A long sigh came out. "At least my second born got married and his wife is now 3 months pregnant.

After 6 months, his daughter-in-law successfully gave birth but she died shortly after because of excessive blood loss, she gives birth to twins. One is healthy and the other one is a sickly one.

The healthy one is named Lenuc, The Duke named him after the legendary general of Esnad in the golden age of Esnad that once conquered the entire southern region.

The sickly one is named Azen, he was named by his father, the grandfather didn't have much expectation of the sickly one, so he let the second born to name him, as his all attention is to Lenuc, to train him to be the next successor.

As for the Duke's nephew, Merl manages to overcome his weak const.i.tution and manage to achieve some decent achievements. He manages to become one of the 'Guardians of the merciful G.o.ddess' - One of the Fire Guardians."

Merl only had one son, and that was Threl, the young captain of the garrison.

---Flashback ends

"Fortunately, my grandsons left the country to gain experience with Alvaro (The Secondborn)' The Duke thought.

The Duke managed to get the Healing Scrolls in his office. 'Still not showing up yourself' The Duke thought. Zadicus still not showing himself after he was. .h.i.t by the lighting.

'Do you really think that you could beat me?' As the Duke coldly laughed inwardly and he jumped back from the balcony lightly landing in the ground. He is currently looking in his surroundings but he didn't see Zadicus, he walks toward the fountain of the garden behind the Mansion.

"Looks like that little devil ran away." After he said he suddenly coughed up blood and his face was pale.

He suddenly kneeled and stabbed his sword on the ground.

He opened up the scroll using both hands...

"Active Light Healing Magic; Light Halo" As he starts pouring his mana in the scroll, The Scroll is started to lit up! He closed his eyes and a halo of light starting to form above his head and shone his entire body, just for a few seconds, you could clearly visible see that his injuries are healing, after, for 5 seconds, The light suddenly disappeared but you could see his face is not pale anymore.

'Why didn't he attack me while I was healing?' The Duke gaze suddenly turned unfathomable.

The Duke's lips are slowly curling up.

"Little Devil, you are very interesting," the Duke chuckled.

Suddenly a silhouette came out from the distance.

"Old man, you are very cunning to act weak, and suddenly strike a fatal blow, especially when you set up a trap while you are healing. You are really are a venomous snake, but let's finish this already." Zadicus coldly said while his crazed expression turned into a serious one. 'Do you think me as a fool? For you to hold back in a disgrace! I WILL MAKE SURE YOU REGRET THIS!' Zadicus thought.

Zadicus raised his dagger and stabbed his left chest!

He murmured under his breath, Demonic Magic; >as the dagger suddenly turned into a sticky black substance and entered the wound of his left chest.

Zadicus felt extreme pain, as he could feel his one of his heart was being eaten up but his aura is currently rising at an insane speed! as you could clearly see in the naked eye, his black aura covering his entire body!


The floor underneath Zadicus cracks because of the intense pressure of his aura!

The Duke's expression was shocked at first because of Zadicus raising aura! but he immediately snapped out of it as he grabbed the hilt of his sword! He pulled it up and murmured the chant.

'I didn't have time to be shocked! I must finish this before his spell is completed or else we are in big trouble!' he thought,

Lighting magic. The duke suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the 1-meter distance of Zadicus! Piercing the sword towards the head of Zadicus!

Zadicus coldly smirked as he raised his left hand to catch the sword barehanded!

Zadicus successfully caught the sword stopping it just a few inches from his face with no repercussion! There was not even a sound!

'The old man's expression is very funny and amusing, especially with that aghast face!' Zadicus suddenly laughs as he finds this very amusing!! 'Yes, show your despair! Please show me your fascinating expression!!! 'I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL SUFFER FOR UNDERESTIMATING ME!'

Zadicus's serious expression is turning back into a crazy on especially with him laughing like a madman right now! (A/N; What a weird guy, he was serious and then he turned into a crazy man again.)

The old man tried to pull out his sword but Zadicus is gripping it so tight!

'SH*T! F*CK THIS!' The old man cursed inside his head! 'You know maybe today is the end for me but I will make sure you are coming with me!!' The old man's despaired face suddenly turned into a determined one!

"Let's see who will have the last laugh, little devil!" the old man smiled as he let go the hilt of the sword, and suddenly hugged Zadicus!

The old man roared!

Lightning Magic: ">."

Zadicus was startled! "WHAT IN THE NAME OF!!" as he successfully shook off the old man! The old man flew back towards the fountain and water spread all over the ground, it was unsure if he is still alive or dead.

Zadicus felt something extremely dangerous! He looked in the sky and he saw something!!

In the clear beautiful night sky! A peculiar cloud is forming! A very terrifying ma.s.sive energy is emitting from it!

another clap of thunder is heard but this time, it was so loud that it stunned everyone in the city!

The lightning strike was so strong that it shook the entire city.


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