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If you are looking for 276 Two Raids 1 you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Ver Drilon was the type of system user quite lacking in the intelligence department when compared to the other immoral hosts at his level.

Sofony and Chris had their intelligence stat raised as their highest. But as for him, it was only around 50 points, barely past the minimum for a Level 5 host. Actually, many level 4s had a higher IQ than him. Of course, there was a reason for it.

With a limited number of points, it would be impossible to dream of distributing his points to all the stats or skills. Balance was impossible. Or even if it was achievable, it just meant that it would be easier for the opponent from any specialization to suppress him.

It was not always good to be a jack of all trades. After all, it was synonymous to being a master of none, something not glorious at all.

Which ones to improve then? Which should be sacrificed so the others could be increased? An indispensable part of people's lives was to make choices. Not everything could be grasped in one's hand and so one should decide what to hold on and what to let go. The principle was also applicable in this case.

Of course, the option to not invest in stats also exists. But unless an immoral host's IQ was not in the negatives, he wouldn't choose to let himself stagnate while the rest were getting stronger each pa.s.sing day. However, when compared to his co-hosts, while it would not be a problem to make a full-fledged scientist who was in the field for ten or so years cry, if it was against the system hosts, he would not win a single battle of wits against them.

In any case, Ver Drilon's merit did not lie on his brain, but something else.

"The intruder is here!!! Reinforcements! We need reinforcements ASAP!!!"


The coldness from the Level 5 host's voice was contrasted by the redness from the blood that littered the ground of that hallway shortly. The voice came from the front, yet before the four armed mercenaries of differing statures and appearances could react; the person they wanted to turn into a beehive through their bullets already reappeared behind them. Their heads were then separating from their heads and making loud spraying sounds. This all happened within a split-second.

"You're all so slow... and you expect me to wait for you all to attack me? I'd be killed by boredom before then." Ver sneered, flinging the blood off of his long daggers to the side.

Behind him were so many dead bodies sprawled on the ground. Further behind, from the entrance, more corpses were left strewn all over there, collapsed in all sorts of condition and position. The smell of death wafted from these cooling bodies heavily together with that fishy iron-like odor. 

All those people, when they were still alive didn't even manage to react to his attacks! Precisely put, they didn't even see him move. He had killed him so swiftly, not allowing room for any reactions or counterattacks!

Right. The pretty-faced young man who was always playfully called a dog by Wendy was an advocator of speed! Even if his brain was slow, he wouldn't care as long as his reaction speed and movements were fast!

In his own words, 'Screw brain tests and all the scheming b*tches and b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in the world! All they know is to run their brains! Countering this shameless bunch is not by being intelligent too, but by being faster than them! While they are still hatching ways to kill me in their minds, I must already run towards them to kill them or run away to not be killed by them!'

This same love for speed was what allowed him to survive two years ago under the siege of so many mercenaries and co-system users when he defected from the organization. Several days ago too, were it not for this, that pervert Gu Yimu would have killed him already when he ambushed him together with more than a hundred armed mercenaries and hitmen.

Trained as an elite mercenary, he paid attention to his strength, but he made sure to pay more attention to his dexterity and speed which was now more than 20 points higher than his intelligence. Perhaps in the whole eastern part of the globe, he was already the fastest man under level 7!

 'I have already explored half of this base... How are the others?' he asked the system.

His face crumpled in annoyance. Worry was almost clouding his head. That time, he badly wished he had bought the Hypnosis skill so he could self-hypnotize himself to not lose his cool and focus on doing his part. His thinking was simple, if he could finish fast, he could then go a.s.sist the two others so that d.a.m.ned girl's mission would be completed.

'This is all for Wendy...'

Ver exhaled. He felt a bit at a loss since he was sure that last guy managed to alert the whole base of his current location. But after some time he felt quite thrilled. "I badly want to end this. They should come at me at once together with the base keeper!"

'Once this is over, she will wake up. Dung, I want this to end already!'

"I didn't know the ever so righteous traitor had learned to become arrogant and c.o.c.ky."

At the system's reminder, Ver turned his head to that direction, seeing a familiar person.

It was a man in his early forties. His hair was partly grey and a lush mustache decorated his upper lips. The middle-aged man was wearing a grey suit, looking like a normal salaryman. However, since Ver was a host, there was no way he would believe this was the other's real looks.

Looks could always be deceiving. It couldn't be any more true if the other party was a system user.

"h.e.l.lo, Uncle Sam. Long time no see."

"We're of the same age bracket, pretty-faced," calmly answered by the one he called uncle.

Ver was alertly looking at the approaching enemy.

"I know it's you I will meet up..." He said with a complicated expression on his face.

"Of course you, do. And that's why you chose this base to attack. Well, I've been here since then. And this is also your real base. I have long foreseen you appearing before me setting this place on fire." The mustached man, oddly, could still smile upon mentioning what Ver was currently doing.

The young man took a deep breath. The fellow before him was a good guy, one of the still good ones among the rotten 'patriotic' bunch. That was how he remembered him from two years ago. However, he couldn't be sure that the other was still the same. After all, if even he changed, how could he guarantee the others didn't?

"I'm sorry." Ver quietly said when the system alerted him of a notification.

The mustached man promptly turned his head to the right, silent at first before saying, "I see. Another part of the place has been attacked by poison gas. I was suddenly notified of more than forty people under me dying. It's your doing, I supposed?" 

Ver did not say anything, just silently watching out for what the other would do. In his head continuous notifications rang, reminding of his progress.

The one called Uncle Sam returned his gaze to the handsome young man. However, this person did not make a move even though Ver was long readying his stance. Instead, he laughed. "I started antic.i.p.ating this day since the organization did something to provoke those people from that country. Everything started from Gloria's whim to kidnap a girl not in the target list."

A viciously dark expression showed on the other's face, very angry at being reminded of what happened to Wendy. "I've long wanted to destroy this h.e.l.lish place. But I held back due to my lack of strength. However, with or without the aid of those locals from the nearby country, I would have still raided the organization even in exchange with my life."

The man watched him say his piece silently. After a while, he sighed, "Do whatever you want. The leader is probably preoccupied with visitors from other countries. Anyway, I'm weaker than you. So I've released all the slaves."

Ver was surprised to hear that. But after this, he realized this friend of his had turned traitor like him. It seemed he had remained sober even after being exposed to so much sh*ttiness of the organization.

"... Thanks."

The mustached man walked through the pathway filled with corpses of those the intruder killed. Before completely disappearing from Ver's view, he said, "Sorry, I won't help you kill my own people. We're similarly deceived. But I've had enough of the killings, plus I'm never that heartless. Good luck and bye."


After that short talk, Ver resolutely continued his ma.s.sacre. When he finally reached the dungeons, it was really empty. And no, it was not that simple. While the area above had long been suffused with the aura and smell of blood, the lower floors were surprisingly clean, actually cleaner than his room at J Country.

"That Sam had released everybody here a long time ago?" He knitted his brows, musing to himself. "...He's obviously so soft-hearted that he should just go run an orphanage or become a monk. Why did he stay so long?"

He grumbled for a while. Then after making sure that everything had been taken care of, he left the place. 

'... The clone should be at Gavin's territory, huh?' He trembled in rage, not forgetting that it was that ugly masked b.a.s.t.a.r.d who really did the kidnapping. When he teleported from there with that place as his destination, there was a fire in his eyes that craved for more blood to spill. 

'No matter what happens, I must kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!'


Meanwhile, unlike the foreigner man whose raid turned out so smooth it was like a joke, Sofia, Sofony's secondary host, was not as fortunate, seemingly smiled upon the d.a.m.nable G.o.ddess of unluckiness.

Without an insider's surprise cooperation like Ver nor an army's help like Sofony, she faced an entirely different dilemma, internally crying to herself, '...My dearest Original, why the heck am I feeling like I was deceived and even unknowingly entered a Last Boss' den!?'



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