48 Chapter 46: Death At The Door

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"I'm sorry that I wasn't here when you were hurt, but I promise! I will find the herb and heal you." Xu Liang let out gently as he touched her cheeks.

Xu Ming, on the other hand, was just standing there with tears in his eyes. He didn't say a single word throughout and just stood there.

"Her soul would keep deteriorating until she is cured and if it's too late, she would be too far gone to heal." The G.o.ddess of Medicine said another thing that made the situation even worse for Xu Liang who was still optimistic.

"Here, This thing will protect her soul from deteriorating further and help you in taking Yue with you. " Without waiting for Xu Liang's response, Wen Yin further said.

She placed her hands on the necklace that she was wearing and took it off her neck.

She placed the necklace on the ground nearby. There was a small coffin-shaped thing that acted as the trinket of the necklace.

It didn't take even three minutes from the moment she placed that necklace on the ground before the necklace started getting bigger. It kept getting enlarged until the coffin was two meters long and one meter wide.

"This is...?" Xu Liang was confused as he gazed at the large coffin. The coffin was giving off an ancient aura that Xu Liang found somewhat familiar.

"It's our family's heirloom. It is the oldest artifact I possess. I was told that this is called the 'Sealing Coffin of the G.o.ds'. It is said that it can seal anything... even the time itself." G.o.ddess of Medicine Wen Yin said as she gazed at the coffin.

"If we place Yue inside the coffin, time will stop for her as well and her Soul will not deteriorate further. When you find the Immortal Soul Spiritual Herb, you can take her out of the coffin and heal her." She further explained to Long Chen.

" This… I am not sure how I can thank you... You have helped me so much today." Long Chen said as he emotionally looked at G.o.ddess of Medicine Wen Yin with a grateful gaze.

" It's nothing, my sweet prince. You're like a little brother to me... Of course, I'll do as much for you." G.o.ddess of Medicine Wen Yin let out with a cute smile on her face.

"Now hurry up and place her inside the coffin. Her soul is deteriorating every second she's out in the open!" G.o.ddess of Medicine Wen Yin hurriedly said with great concern. It looked like she didn't want Yue's condition to get any worse.

"Right!" Xu Liang let out as he hurriedly picked Yue up in his arms and walked towards the coffin.

As he walked towards the coffin, he couldn't help but gaze at Yue's peaceful face. 

"I'll wake you up really soon, love. There's nothing to worry about. I'm here for you after all. I promise that I won't let anything happen to you as long as I'm alive." Xu Liang said in a gentle tone as he placed Yue inside the coffin.

He closed the Sealing Coffin of the G.o.ds with a heavy heart. As soon as the coffin was closed, it started getting smaller until it was back to its original size. It became a small necklace again.

Xu Liang held the necklace tightly in his hand as he walked towards Ming.

Xu Liang wore the necklace on his neck and tugged the coffin inside his clothes. Yue was closest to his heart at the moment... literally and figuratively.

"There they are! Die!" Another loud scream came as 5 people came running inside the room and attacked Xu Liang, but before they could even get near him, War G.o.d Zhen made his move.

All five of them lost their lives in a single stroke and their lifeless bodies fell to the ground. The whole floor of the room got bloodied in an instant.

"They will keep coming. We really should leave before the Ill.u.s.trious Emperor himself shows up. If that happens, we'll all die before anything." War G.o.d Zhen said in a concerned tone as he gazed at Xu Liang with a grave look on his face.

"Yes! We should leave. My flying beast is outside the palace. As soon as we leave the palace, We can leave this troublesome place. I think the Ill.u.s.trious Emperor is still not here. We should really move fast." G.o.ddess of Medicine Wen Yin said to Xu Liang.

" Follow me! We'll leave through the back of the palace." War G.o.d Zhen said to Long Chen as he placed his hands on Xu Liang's shoulders.

"Let's go little guy. We'll soon be out of this place, there's no need to worry." Xu Liang said with a smile as he picked up Xu Ming in his arms and started following War G.o.d Zhen. 

He knew how tough it must be for a 5-year-old kid watching so much happen. He tried to maintain his smile so that he could provide little Ming with much-needed comfort.

They walked through the long corridors of the palace as they tried to leave. Amidst their journey, they met a lot of cultivators that attacked them as soon as they caught sight of them.

Every single one of them was killed by War G.o.d Zhen each time before they could even get near him.

After around 20 minutes and the death of over 50 a.s.sa.s.sins, they finally left the palace through the back door.

"I'll call my Xueyi." G.o.ddess of Medicine Wen Yin took a step forward and whistled loudly. Xueyi was the name of her flying beast, Frost Swan.

A beautiful creature came into their view. It looked a lot like a swan, but it was much larger. From the tip of the bill to the end of its tail, it measured at about 3 meters. It had a wingspan of around 6 meters.

It's stark white feathers stood out amidst the wintery sky as it circled around.

It soon landed in front of Wen Yin and the others.

Xu Liang and the others were about to step toward the Frost Swan when someone appeared between them and the Frost Swan.

That person came from the sky and landed in front of them.

It was a man who looked to be around 30 years old, but his actual age was unknown.

He was called the  Xuan Di, Also known as the Ill.u.s.trious Emperor. He was said to be the Strongest Person in the Heavenly Realm, after the Heavenly Emperor Tian Zhu who ruled the Heavenly Realm. 

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