71 Don't Tell Anyone!

If you are looking for 71 Don't Tell Anyone! you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Helena looked at Alexander while smiling and said: "Do you know what era is now?"

"Who doesn't know that? We are in Desolate Era"

"Hahaha, correct. But do you know how this era began?"

"It was because the beings of the three great worlds were selfish, they had separated their world from the rest of the universe. This had caused the law of the universe itself weaken making cultivator having hard time comprehend the laws. Overtimes, experts gradually diminish in number. Because of that, the era was called as "Desolate Era" compared to the previous era this era is pathetic"

"haha correct again, I didn't expect inferior being was so knowledgeable about history."

"What's with all the nonsensical question?"

"Do you know where I am from?"

"What a foolish question, I have just met you today and I don't even know who you are and you are asking me where you are from? How the h.e.l.l should I know!" Alexander rebukes her and rolled his eyes when he heard the question.

Helena was a little embarra.s.sed but refused to give in and just said: "I'm from the world of Ten Thousand Races".

"That means you're not human, and more importantly I thought it was impossible to get in and get of the three great worlds"

As far as he knows, at the end of the Ancient era who was considered as the most powerful era beings of the three great worlds tore the void and made a miniature universe which only contains their three worlds separated from the rest of the universe. It was said if someone to get there, they had to be someone who born there. Not even the most powerful beings of the lower realm could "Ascend"

In what stated that in the ancient era, when a cultivator powerful enough to tear the void they are eligible to "ascend" to the divine world, this caused many beings on regular basis to ascent there and some go to the underworld or the Ten Thousand Races world. This made local feeling indignant at the end both supreme race of G.o.d, Demons and Ten Thousand Races made an alliance to banish the foreign races.

It was because they didn't want to share resources of their worlds with outsiders, additionally due to their feeling superior to the vast races in the universe. They purposely withdrew their worlds from the rest of the universe making it impossible to ascension for lower beings.

After that phenomenon happens, the vitality of the universe gravely diminished till alarming state and this was the end of the ancient era.

Helena curiously asked, "You don't seem angry about what my ancestors did."

Alexander scoffed at her and said, "Why should I be angry?"

"Because they were selfish and prevented the human race from ascension."

First of all, in this world there are no heroes, one man can say he fought for the good of humanity by killing other races, he is just looking for reasons to the justification for killing them. After all, human themselves have already impeded their own development.

"What do you mean?"

"Girl, do you know how many geniuses are born every day?"

"It would be impossible to give the exact number, obviously?"

"Right, the human population are countless. Children born every day make our race innumerable, although there are fewer geniuses they are still numerous, let's just say a hundred thousand geniuses are born. Now, girl I ask you how many of these geniuses do you think will mature and be unparalleled experts?"

"I don't know, maybe half."

"Haha, girl you are being too optimistic, at best there would be a hundred of those geniuses preserved"

This had left Helena in shock, she took a breath of cold air and asked "You're not exaggerating? That would be a 99.9% mortality rate."

Alexander walked towards Helena and stopped himself a few centimeters from her and looked into her eyes and said "Exaggerated? I would say I was being optimistic, I do not know what kind of world is your homeland is. But here in the human world, it's b.l.o.o.d.y and vicious. Just so you know the one who kills those geniuses are other human and only small part would be killed by other races. Now, do you understand we don't need other races preventing us from developing, with ourselves are far enough"?

"But why would they do something that stupid? A genius doesn't benefit all of humanity."

"Honestly, I don't know how other races function, but the human race is full of fractions and their relationships are very complicated. Some have alliances while other just hate each other, some have dreamed of ruling over the populace and killing everyone standing in their way if there is a genius who can threaten them they would not hesitate to kill him!"

Hearing this, Helena couldn't help feel flabbergasted. If what he said was true, then this world is dangerous. In her homeland, there were relatively peaceful because all the clans in that world have similar strength, of course, there were exceptional clans stronger than others but the differences was negligible. As for the inhabitants of the Ten Thousand Races world are all Divine beasts!

Thus Helena couldn't help but feel concerned about other members of her clan who descended with her into the lower realm.

Looking at her expression Alexander reminded her: "Remember this is no longer the world of Ten Thousand Races, let me give you a piece of advice I'll say this once never tell anyone that you are a divine beast".

When Helena heard this, she was filled with concern: "Why?"

"Because your whole body is precious treasure, no matter if it your blood, skin, bones, everything is valuable."

"But they don't even know what race I am," said Helena worriedly, not knowing why but she believed in Alexander's words after all he knew how this world works.

Shortly after a notion crossed Helena's mind and she involuntarily receded from Alexander and said with concern "What about you? Are you not interested in my body!? "

Hearing her claim Alexander's expression turned ugly because those words can lead misunderstanding.

Alexander just said "Do you see me as someone who is hungry for power? You and your race have done nothing to me. I only kill when necessary, I am no madman who kills for pleasure, nor do I need your blood from you to become someone powerful besides…" Alexander momentarily stopped his sentences.

"Besides what?"

Somehow Alexander was embarra.s.sed to finish his sentence but finally said: "my mother is already fond of you, if I do something to you she will get angry."

"Hahaha" upon hearing that Helena burst into laughers. At first, she was surprised of him as he always acts mature as if she was talking with an adult but this child would not do anything that angers his mother. Helena thought it was hilarious very comical.

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