Chapter 162 - My Sister

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Ye Jie was being excessively reticent about the surprise he had for Xu Mey. She asked loads of times during the drive from office to home but he didn't bother telling at all.

His silence left Xu Mey with her wildly ingenious mind to run amok.

"Are you ready for the surprise?" Ye Jie turned to ask Xu Mey at the doorstep of their house.

Xu Mey shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly trying to attest that she wasn't that eager. "Ready as I can be."

Ye Jie smiled and opened the door wide for Xu Mey. She swaggered indoors with her eyes darting around to look for the surprise. But all she noticed was that everything was precise as she left it in the morning.

'Ha? Where is this d.a.m.n surprise?' She howled inside her mind. But all of a sudden, her ink-black eyes fell on a slender figure clad in a completely white dress with her long hairs falling over her face in a mess.

Xu Mey was seriously taken aback by that sight as she staggered back and held Ye Jie's sleeve. One thing Xu Mey never told anyone in her life was that she was super scared of ghosts. And yes, she even believed in them.

No matter how much someone says that ghosts are just your imagination, she won't believe it at any cost. For her ghosts are real and that's it. Final... No further discussion needed!

Seeing Azalea sitting like a ghost scared Xu Mey at some level and Ye Jie noticed it. He rolled his eyes and said, "Zelie, what the h.e.l.l are you doing?"

Azalea pulled her hair back from her face and looked at Ye Jie standing before her. "What did I do?" She emphasized her words with hand gestures.

"Pull your hair back." He said to Azalea and turned to Xu Mey who was staring at Azalea with wide-eyes. That's when Azalea regarded the presence of Xu Mey and peered at her with voyeurism.

"Jie-Ge, is she your wife?"

"Is she for real or am I hallucinating?"

Both Azalea and Xu Mey spoke simultaneously and glanced at each other.

"Yes, Zelie. She's my wife, Xu Mey." Ye Jie answered Azalea's question and turned to Xu Mey, "Baby, you're not hallucinating. She's real and this was the surprise, I wanted to give you."

"She's fine?" Xu Mey asked while peering at Azalea. Even though Azalea's body looked wan but her cheeks were rosy indicating that she was healthy. Her eyes were even bright and twinkling.

"Well, I'm as fine as I can be," Azalea answered her question and paced up to Xu Mey with narrowed eyes. She circled around Xu Mey's body studying her with a finger tapping at her chin in a thoughtful manner. "Not bad." Azalea concurred.

Being appraised like that was a completely new encounter for Xu Mey and she wasn't sure about what to say. Therefore, she chose to say, "Thank You!" with a bit of a dilemma.

Xu Mey's discomfiture was broken when through the opened door came the voice, "Sis, I've been calling you for an hour now. Why are you not answering?" Ye Jun trudged inside with an accusing glare at Xu Mey.

"Do I have to answer every time you call?" Xu Mey retorted. Ye Jun made a face at Xu Mey. "Why were you calling?"

"Oh, I forgot my keys at your office." Ye Jun notified her.

"What were you doing at her office in the first place?" Hearing Ye Jie's inquisitive voice, Ye Jun finally discerned that there were other people in the living room as well.

Ye Jun tried to laugh but it came out a bit shaky. "Hi, bro!" He waved and while looking for an answer, his eyes fell on Azalea. "Oh, who do we have here?" He came to sit beside Azalea on the fabric sofa and said, "Hi! I'm Ye Jun. And may I know who's this pretty young lady?"

Azalea smiled and opened her mouth to answer but Ye Jie beat her to it, "Are you trying to flirt with her?"

"Of course not!" Ye Jun rolled his eyes at Ye Jie and went on, "These days, I only want to flirt with a single person."

Xu Mey slapped the back of his head and reminded him, "And she's already engaged. Stop wasting your time!"

"My dearest sister, encourage me. Don't you know that a person's pa.s.sion defines him? We should never discourage someone with our words, especially about their pa.s.sion. Once a person loses the pa.s.sion inside of him, he just becomes a hollow person." Ye Jun was talking like a sage but in return, he received another slap from Xu Mey.

"Jun Li Na is your pa.s.sion?"

He rubbed the place she just slapped and said, "Yes... She has become my pa.s.sion now and I can't just give up so easily anymore. I've crossed the threshold of mere crush. Now, she's my pa.s.sion." There were will and commitment in Ye Jun's eyes.

Xu Mey rubbed her forehead and shook her head. "Did you cross the threshold after her bodyguards beat the cr*p out of you or before?"

Ye Jie laughed hearing Xu Mey's sarcastic remark while Ye Jun coughed awkwardly looking at Azalea who was bemused with everything. "Sis, you're not supposed to say that in front of outsiders." Ye Jun felt wronged.

Xu Mey pulled his ear and added, "First of all, stop this bullsh*t about pa.s.sion and all. Second of all," she pointed at Azalea and went on, "She's not an outsider. She's as much of a family member here as much you are."

"Ouch!" Ye Jun rubbed his ear which was pulled a moment ago and looked accusingly at Xu Mey. "How is she not an outsider?"

"Because she's like a sister to me. No, actually, she's my sister which makes her a family member. So, you better not mess up around her." Xu Mey warned him while concealing the fact that Azalea was Ye Jie's blood sister.

She had two pretexts for her lying. First, she didn't want Ye Jun to get sad for no reason. Second, she still wanted Ye Jie to be the one to talk about the truth with Ye Jun.

"If she's your sister then she's my little sister as well." Ye Jun instantly got over his earlier pain and happily looked towards Azalea, "Hey, little sis! If anyone messes with you, look for me I'll take care of it all for you."

Meanwhile, Azalea was thinking about how Xu Mey called her as her own sister. For some unknown reason, it felt really good to her. She smiled radiantly while nodding at Ye Jun.

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