Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: The MC is a garbage! That's for certain!

Good morning. Now that I think about it, I can eat as much as I want and wake up whenever I please.

This is the best!

It feels like my heart from working days has been cleansed. Also, I got bigger again. Is it due to the magic knowledge I stuffed on before? What's with this growth rate? It only requires a few hours to grow (from what I feel) instead of overnight…. I knew it, dragons are really amazing.

Crunch, Crunch Crunch Gulp

『The Origin of Dungeon』

The next section is the knowledge of the dungeon.

Hou, about the dungeon, is it? If I remember right, Ann did say something about it before. I was not paying attention at that time. After all, it's the story of an ant.

Now then, let's go over again.

In this world, there's something called dungeons. Most of them took the shape of a cave or den, a vile place where the monster run rampant inside. However, since the magic stone formed in it has high purity due to very dense magic in the environment, they are trade at a high price by the human. Those so-called the adventurer challenged the dungeon to collect the magic stone. Inside of it, there'll always be a magic stone that serves as the nucleus of the dungeon which is known as the dungeon core. It's either the Dungeon Master who controls the dungeon or both.

The dungeon core is different from the magic stone collected in the dungeon. It's a magic stone that make-up the dungeon itself.

Due to the large amount of magic ama.s.s from the deep underground, it is said to have a will of its own to create a dungeon.

Hee~ It's just a stone that wants to create its own dungeon.

This is pretty interesting.

A w.i.l.l.y stone… Hehe

The structure of the dungeon. The strength of the dungeon is said to be proportional to the number of floors it has. The deeper it is, the more floors and magic it will possess.

Although the monsters are stronger, the profit for the adventurers is much larger.

There are two types of monster that inhabit the dungeon, those who came from the outside and settle inside and those who were created by the dungeon.

………Hee~ The dungeon can make its own monster?

It seems that the dungeon core in the dungeon will always produce monsters. Is it like the defensive instinct of the dungeon core? Although the type of monster produced is random, it will attack almost any invaders without any exception to intercept them. Stronger monsters will be born as you get deeper. Also, structures and caves made by the monster are identified as a dungeon.

In other words, the home that I built is also a dungeon?

That reminds me, Ann, huh…. Nope. I don't care a fig.

The dungeon is a hunting ground for the adventurers. It is a wonderful place for testing one's skill. Although the dungeons that have survived for many years are harder to be captured, it's still considered as a good prey for the adventurers. Such dungeon hides their existence until they acc.u.mulate a certain amount of power.

It's as if the dungeon has its own free will.

That's not right. It's actually because of the dungeon core that possesses its own will.

So, what about the latter? How about the dungeon made by the monster? Like me, for example. In my case, I sorta made a dungeon without realizing it……

If my home was mistaken as a dungeon, won't the so-called adventurers will be flooding in?

……Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. I just only want to sleep peacefully. I refuse to be in any conflict whatsoever. This concerned the policy in the future. In the human eyes, I'm only an excellent material. Good thing I found it beforehand.

……What should I do?

Reading the explanation further, the dungeon seems to be emitting magic just by being there. In other words, my house is now a dungeon is it? At this rate, it's likely that the adventurers will find their way here.

Hmm. Is there anything I can do?

Dungeon, a Dungeon Master….

That's it! I got a great idea! Certainly, Ann is on the upper floor. Let's use her as a decoy!

I'll make her a Dungeon Master and when the adventurers come, she'll fight them off. And under that, I'll be living quietly and comfortably free from worldly cares. Let's go with that. It will be some sort of a motivation to the person herself as well, perfect.

Rather, it was actually the lowest thing I can come up with.

Well, that's because I have my own reason for doing so. The other day when I was bringing my magic stone, that person was sleeping covered with my moulted skin you know? Moreover, something is increasing at an amazing rate too. It was ants. I don't know whether it's a wall or ants anymore. It really makes me sick you know? I unintentionally threw away the magic stone and dash away!

With that being said, do your best Ann. Yup. Sounds good to me.

By now, I have eaten almost everything here.

I look around inside of the dome. And saw something.

Come to think of it, it's the only one left. Well, actually, I purposely saving it for last.

There's a pedestal in the centre of the dome. It was dazzling. Gold, This is the first time in this world I saw a pedestal made out of gold. There's a gorgeously coloured sphere resting on top of it.

The sphere is floating 30 cm above the pedestal. I wonder if there's magic to it.

I first found it when I fell down. It looks really suspicious, so I save it for last. Taking into account the possibility of being some kind of trap, to be sure, I decided to eat the lithograph first. But since there's nothing happening, my worries fade away. It's probably not a trap. Un.

I move closer to the pedestal. It doesn't react at all when I get close to it. The size of the pedestal is about a meter cube. Plus, there's a very colourful sphere of the size of a basketball floating on it. I've seen this in an old movie before. What is it again?

I tried touching it.

At that moment, the sphere began to shine.

Oooh! So bright!

It glowed for a moment. When I slowly opened my eyes, there's a person floating out from the sphere. It seems to be a hologram.

It's a hologram of a beauty. Who seems to be in her 20s. Dressed in a uniform black colour, having long platinum hair with red eyes, she almost looks like a vampire.

I can't help myself but be fascinated by her otherworldly charm.

Then, her mouth slowly began to open.

『Aaa~ Aaa~ Mic test, mic test…… Eh? It's recording already? Ah, hold a mo! That doesn't count! Redo! Redo! I didn't have my makeup on yet! Can we do over? Eeh? You can't? Seriously? Sigh. Okay then. Let's proceed as it is. Haa~ Seriously, give me a break….. A, wait a minute Belc! You laugh just now, didn't you! You underling! 』

Stupefy, the beauty I admire is no longer there.

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