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Chapter 73: Blood Moon

Qi Ying had witnessed the might of Spirit Martial Stage warriors in the past.

However, he had never dared to imagine battling such a powerful warrior!

After drawing closer to the battle, Qi Ying finally caught a glimpse of their a.s.sailant.

He was a man with a demonic set of features, characterized by the peculiar green tattoos all over his face and his fiery red eyebrows. On top of that, he wore a long crimson robe, making him appear particularly eerie and frightening in the night.

The crimson-robed man was wielding a red scimitar, and sparks flew as his weapon clashed with those of the black-robed guards.

The three black-robed guards were all warriors at the Ninth Energy Martial Stage, but it was quite clear that they were being dominated in that battle.

That red scimitar was clearly no ordinary weapon either.


A red light flashed past, and the weapons wielded by the black-robed guards were all sliced in half.

“Look out!”

The crimson-robed man took advantage of that opportunity to slash his scimitar toward the neck of one of the black-robed guards, and Qi Ying immediately swung his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff toward the enemy upon seeing that.


Qi Ying's hands went completely numb from the force of the clash.

However, he was able to knock the crimson scimitar slightly off track, thereby allowing the black-robed guard to barely escape.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The three guards retreated a few steps before drawing new weapons.

The crimson-robed man stood with a cold smile on his face, and his demonic eyes turned to Qi Ying.

“Who are you?” Qi Ying yelled.

The enemy was a mysterious and powerful warrior.

He had never heard of a warrior of his description in the Celestial River County before.

At that moment. 

At that moment, the black-robed guard with the severed forearm yelled from the distance, “Brother Qi Ying, don't waste your words with him! That man is the notorious, Xue Yuesha! He must have been hired by someone to attack us!”


Qi Ying's expression darkened.

' Hired?'

It was quite clear what he had come to do then!


The cold smile on Xue Yuesha's face widened.


He transformed into a red shadow and flashed toward Qi Ying, while raising his scimitar high above his head.

“Hold him off!”

“We have to hold on until Master Thirteen gets here!”

The three black-robed guards stood in Xue Yuesha's way, and True Energy surged as high-level battle techniques were unleashed to strike him.


Red light suddenly erupted from behind Xue Yuesha.

From that light, the jarring image of a crimson moon emerged.

Battle Spirit, Blood Moon!

Xue Yuesha's attack instantly became quicker, and he managed to shake off the three black-robed guards before launching a red blade projection toward Qi Ying.

Qi Ying swung his Dragon Tiger Demon-Slaying Staff with all his might.

A staff projection swept forth like a hurricane!

Bam bam bam!

The red blade projection struck his staff.

The immense force of the clash almost made Qi Ying lose grip on his weapon.


Xue Yuesha shot forward and appeared beside Qi Ying in the blink of an eye, unleashing a vicious slash toward his throat.

Qi Ying's heart jolted as he circulated his True Energy and condensed it toward his feet.

Flowing Shadow Strike!


Qi Ying transformed into a black shadow and evaded that lethal strike.

“Surround him!”

The three black-robed guards only arrived then.

“Make sure to keep your distance away from him!”

A loud cry erupted.

Qi Ying turned to discover that Lu You had regained consciousness, and he had drawn his sword as he rushed into battle.

“Xue Yuesha's Blood Moon Battle Spirit can drastically increase his speed and power in sharp bursts, so we have to stay far away from him! Beware of his scimitar techniques!” Lu You yelled.

Different Battle Spirits had different functions.

Battle Spirits like Duan Xilai's Black Winged Tiger, and Duan Hongxue's Black Tiger were among those that could a.s.sist them in battle. 

Those Battle Spirits could be summoned as companions to fight alongside the warrior.

In contrast, Xue Yuesha's Blood Moon Battle Spirit was one that could enhance the warrior's abilities, giving him a boost that was equivalent to a sudden spike in one or two stages of his cultivation base.

That Battle Spirit could even enhance Xue Yuesha's speed, to be twice of what he would normally be capable of in instantaneous bursts.

As such, his speed of movements and attacks were all far superior to that of warriors at the lower Spirit Martial Stages.

If he were within a ten feet distance of someone, he could take their life in a tenth of a second.

“Get him!”

“Use your battle techniques to hold him off!”

Lu You and the black-robed guards created a square formation, while disrupting Xue Yuesha's movements through a constant barrage of battle techniques.

Bam bam bam!

One battle technique after another exploded around Xue Yuesha.

Qi Ying was unable to play a role in that battle.

He could only engage an enemy in melee combat, which was the ideal range for Xue Yuesha to use his techniques.

It was up to the four of them to hold off Xue Yuesha until Master Thirteen arrived!

“How bothersome…”

Xue Yuesha's brows furrowed as he was attacked by four powerful warriors at once.

None of those warriors were the type of useless trash, who had been carried to the Ninth Energy Martial Stage by cultivation methods and pills. Furthermore, all of them possessed extensive battle experience.

In particular, there was one of them who seemed to have mastered a myriad of battle techniques, and the diversity in his attacks constantly kept Xue Yuesha on his toes.

They were indeed a little bit more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

However, as an who had killed even Spirit Martial Stage warriors, Xue Yuesha wasn't overly concerned about his opponents.

He had a ma.s.sive advantage in cultivation base, power, and speed.

As long as he didn't get complacent and attacked at his full power, it shouldn't take him long to bring everyone down.

They seemed to have sent out a flare signal for reinforcements just then.

He couldn't afford to waste any more time!

Xue Yuesha hoisted his scimitar and spun in a full circle, instantly pulverizing all of the oncoming attacks in the process. He then circulated his Spiritual Energy and rose quickly into the air.

At the same time, brilliant light erupted from the Blood Moon behind him.

Battle Spirit Technique, Blood Moon Explosion!


A violent explosion erupted, and the powerful shockwaves sent Lu You and the three black-robed guards flying.


Xue Yuesha turned his attention to his target, Qi Ying.


He glided through the air like a predatorial falcon descending upon its prey.


An ominous feeling had already welled up in Qi Ying's heart as soon as he saw Xue Yuesha rise into the air. Thus, he was somewhat prepared and immediately unleashed his Flowing Shadow Strike, transforming into three black shadows that fled in different directions.

“What a pitiful party trick!”

A taunting smile appeared on Xue Yuesha's face.

A Yellow Tier movement technique was only useful for fooling stupid beasts and trashy Energy Martial Stage warriors.


Xue Yuesha set his sights on one of the shadows and immediately launched himself toward it.

His scimitar flashed through the air, and a crimson blade projection swept forth.


Qi Ying was still paying attention to what was going on behind him even as he fled.

When he saw Xue Yuesha rushing in his direction, he realized that the afterimages created by his Flowing Shadow Strike were most likely ineffective against Spirit Martial Stage warriors, as they had powerful divine sense!

In the blink of an eye, the lethal blade projection was already upon him.

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